Firefox security

Updated: August 01, 2023

Firefox is known for its robust security features, making it one of the most secure web browsers available. The browser prioritizes user privacy and data protection, implementing various security measures to safeguard against online threats. Features like Enhanced Tracking Protection help block unwanted tracking cookies and prevent advertisers from tracking users across websites. Firefox also includes a built-in password manager and the option to use a master password for added security. Moreover, regular security updates and patches ensure that vulnerabilities are promptly addressed, keeping users protected from emerging threats. Additionally, Firefox's open-source nature allows the security community to review the code and identify potential vulnerabilities, contributing to its overall security robustness. These comprehensive security features make Firefox a trusted choice for users seeking a secure browsing experience that puts their privacy and safety first.

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2019. Firefox gets enhanced tracking protection, desktop password manager

Firefox is introducing one of its most comprehensive series of releases designed to prevent advertisers and other entities from tracking your online activities. Additionally, these releases make it more challenging for Facebook to monitor your online behavior. By default, Enhanced Tracking Protection, based on the Disconnect list, will block all third-party tracking cookies. You have the option to choose a strict setting that may impact the functionality of certain websites, or you can customize your own settings. Furthermore, Mozilla is expanding its Lockbox password manager to include desktop support. Previously, Lockbox was only available as a mobile app, but Mozilla has now launched a Firefox desktop extension for it. The name of the password manager has also been changed to Lockwise. Currently, Lockwise provides a straightforward password management experience, although it may not offer the same extensive features as Dashlane, 1Password, LastPass, or similar alternatives.

2018. Firefox will now alert you when one of your accounts was hacked

Earlier this year, Mozilla introduced Firefox Monitor, a service designed to inform users if their online accounts were compromised in recent data breaches. By simply providing your email address, Firefox Monitor utilizes the Have I Been Pwned database to display any potential concerns and details regarding the compromised data. Today, Mozilla takes this initiative further by allowing users to sign up for alerts notifying them if their accounts appear in any future known breaches. Mozilla emphasizes that Firefox Monitor is just one of many upcoming data and privacy features planned by the organization in the coming months. With increasing user concerns about privacy and the extensive data collection practices of Google's Chrome browser, Mozilla positions itself as a neutral force in the browser market, and this approach has been well-received.

2018. Firefox ends support of Windows XP, Vista

Mozilla has made the decision to discontinue support for Windows XP and Windows Vista in its web browser, Firefox. This means that security updates for these outdated operating systems will no longer be provided. The termination of support for Windows XP and Vista took effect with the release of Firefox ESR 52.9 on June 26. Subsequently, Firefox ESR 60.2 was introduced on September 4. Mozilla offers Firefox ESR (Extended Support Release) specifically to cater to customers, primarily business users, who prioritize stability over the inclusion of new and flashy features. Unlike the regular Firefox version, each ESR release solely receives security updates throughout its lifecycle. Mozilla typically maintains both the previous and current ESR versions for approximately 12 weeks, with the transition occurring once a year. The overlap period between Firefox ESR 52 and ESR 60 started on May 7, coinciding with the launch of the latter, and concluded on September 4 when security patches were no longer provided for Firefox ESR 52. Currently, Opera remains the only top-five browser that continues to support Windows XP.

2016. Mozilla launches Firefox Focus - private web browser for iPhone

Mozilla has unveiled a new mobile web browser for iOS called Firefox Focus, placing utmost importance on private browsing for users. This mobile browser takes a proactive approach by automatically blocking ad trackers and erasing browsing history, including passwords and cookies. By doing so, the browser aims to provide a streamlined browsing experience and potentially faster page loading times. The elimination of ads and web trackers can reduce page clutter and enhance overall performance, according to Mozilla's claims.