Corporate Data Privacy platforms

Updated: June 02, 2023

2022. DataGrail announces automated risk assessment tool and $45M investment

DataGrail, the startups focused on helping companies comply with the growing world of privacy regulation, building plug-ins to common data-heavy applications to help automate data discovery and compliance, has raised $45 million Series C. Besides, it has unveiled a new automated risk monitoring solution - Risk Monitor - that helps companies build third-party application risk assessments quickly. The tool is designed to help build these assessments, known as Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs), in an automated way, reducing the amount of labor involved to build a DPIA on the data used in a particular tool. This reduces the workload for privacy managers, while showing others inside a company what good privacy practice looks like.

2021. Piiano raises $9M to help businesses protect their PII

Piiano, a startup that wants to help businesses keep their customers’ data private, has raised $9 million funding. The premise behind Piiano is that data breaches are basically inevitable, so the way to keep user data safe is to ensure that data sets are free of personally identifiable information (PII — you can see where the company’s name comes from…) and to fully pseudonymize customer data. Today’s approaches to securing this data, the company argues, simply don’t work. Companies often don’t know where all of the PII data lives — which is why so many enterprises invest in visibility tools.

2021. Skyflow’s data privacy API business raises $45M

The market for corporate data privacy products is heating up, with Skyflow announcing a $45 million Series B. Skyflow offers an API-delivered service that stores personally identifying information (PII), among other sensitive data for customers. Skyflow, like many API-delivered companies, wants to take a hard problem and abstract it into a single developer hook. Or, more simply, Skyflow wants to handle all the difficult privacy, encryption and data issues of storing PII and other forms of potentially radioactive data for its customers. (Skyflow uses a zero-trust vault built with polymorphic encryption, in case you are curious.)

2020. Ethyca raises $13.5M to help businesses automate data privacy and compliance

Ethyca, which lets organisations both identify where sensitive data may be used and then provides an easy set of API tools to create permissions, reporting and analytics around it, has raised $13.5 million in financing after picking up a number of major companies, including some high-profile tech companies, as customers. The crux of the issue that Ethyca is tackling is that online privacy compliance has become a critical issue, in part because of regulations, but mainly because the online world has, before anyone had a chance to blink, become a critical component of our lives, so getting things wrong can be disastrous.