Cloud Firewall software

Updated: July 30, 2023

Cloud Firewall software is a critical component of cloud security that protects cloud-based resources and applications from unauthorized access and cyber threats. These specialized firewalls are designed to secure cloud environments and workloads, providing granular control over incoming and outgoing network traffic. Cloud Firewall software allows businesses to define and enforce security rules, ensuring that only trusted and authorized traffic is allowed to pass through the cloud infrastructure. It can also detect and block suspicious or malicious activities, preventing potential cyberattacks and data breaches. With the ability to scale dynamically based on cloud workload demands, Cloud Firewall software provides flexibility and agility in securing cloud resources. By leveraging Cloud Firewall software, organizations can ensure the integrity and confidentiality of their cloud data, enhance overall cloud security posture, and maintain compliance with industry regulations and best practices.

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2020. Malware and phishing prevention startup Menlo Security raises $100M

The malware and phishing prevention startup, Menlo Security, recently announced a significant milestone—a $100 million Series E funding round, valuing the company at $800 million. Despite the platform's growth and expansion, Menlo Security remains primarily focused on addressing web and email as the key attack vectors for its customers. One of the company's groundbreaking innovations is web isolation technology, which effectively severs the user's connection to potentially malicious content. Instead, Menlo Security delivers only safe visual representations of web pages and emails. This approach ensures that interactions such as clicking on links or engaging with websites are guaranteed to be free from malware, regardless of the destination or endpoint.