Appointment Management software

Updated: July 31, 2023

Appointment management software is a specialized tool designed to streamline the scheduling and organization of appointments and bookings. This software allows businesses and professionals to manage their appointments efficiently, reducing the risk of double bookings and scheduling conflicts. Users can set up their availability, define appointment types, and automate appointment reminders to reduce no-shows and improve client punctuality. Appointment management software often integrates with calendars and sends notifications to both clients and service providers, ensuring seamless communication and efficient time management. Some platforms also offer online booking capabilities, allowing clients to self-schedule appointments based on real-time availability. With the ability to optimize scheduling processes, minimize administrative tasks, and enhance customer experience, appointment management software is a valuable asset for businesses seeking to improve their appointment workflows and maximize their operational efficiency.

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2021. Sales scheduling platform Chili Piper raises $33M

Having secured a $33 million Series B funding round, Chili Piper offers a sophisticated SaaS appointment scheduling platform tailored for sales teams. The B2B revenue teams benefit from Chili Piper's software, which effectively converts leads into attended meetings. Sales teams can leverage the platform to schedule demos, improve inbound conversion rates, automate lead routing, and streamline crucial meeting processes. Renowned companies such as Intuit, Twilio, Forrester, Spotify, and Gong rely on Chili Piper's solutions. While Chili Piper provides various tools for businesses to manage and schedule appointments, its unique selling proposition lies in its effectiveness for inbound Sales Development Representatives (SDRs). This enables efficient scheduling of calls when customers visit websites and request a callback from a salesperson.

2019. Facebook unveiled automated ad builder and an appointment manager for small businesses

Facebook has introduced two new offerings specifically designed for small businesses. The first one is Automated Ads. With this feature, business owners can provide some information about their company and campaign objectives. Based on these details, along with data from their Facebook Page, Facebook will generate tailored recommendations on target audiences, budget allocation, and even suggest variations of the ad with suitable messaging. Additionally, Facebook is enhancing its existing appointment booking support on Messenger. Businesses can now seamlessly accept and manage appointments through Facebook and Instagram, streamlining the process. These appointments can be synchronized with the business owner's personal calendar or integrated with third-party appointment tools such as MyTime and HomeAdvisor.

2018. Alexa gets smart meeting scheduling

Amazon's Alexa has introduced enhanced capabilities for business users, simplifying the management of personal schedules through voice commands. The new feature, called Smart Scheduling Assistant, enables users to easily reschedule appointments and arrange meetings based on the availability of participants. While Alexa already allowed the creation and cancellation of appointments, this addition provides users with greater control, significantly reducing time and effort. To initiate the scheduling of one-to-one meetings, users need to link a calendar to their Alexa account.

2017. Jimdo adds Booking app

If you have a website created with Jimdo Creator and offer services, events, or courses that require appointments, our new Jimdo Booking app for Android is the ideal solution for you. With this app, you can easily create a booking calendar directly from your smartphone, which will be displayed on your website for visitors to see. Once your calendar is set up, visitors can conveniently book your services directly on your Jimdo website. Whenever someone makes a booking, you will receive a push notification right in the app, ensuring that you stay informed about the number of bookings you have received. Stay up to date and effortlessly manage your appointments with the Jimdo Booking app for Android.

2017. Wix gets online booking feature

With Wix Bookings, customers can effortlessly schedule appointments and classes directly on your website. Say goodbye to endless phone tag and focus on expanding your business. Setting up your working hours, pricing, managing participants, selecting calendar layout, and accepting payments becomes a breeze. You have the flexibility to receive payments on your site through various processors such as Square, Stripe, Wirecard, and more. Customers can conveniently book your solo or group services using the website booking widget on desktop or directly from their mobile devices via the mobile calendar.

2016. Office 365 hets online booking app

Microsoft has expanded its Office 365 suite by introducing a new service called Bookings. This service enables customers to conveniently schedule appointments with businesses using online software, eliminating the need for phone calls. Bookings offers comprehensive appointment management capabilities, including sending confirmations and reminders, handling rescheduling and cancellations, and updating the business staff's calendar. Businesses are provided with a unique web page that is compatible with both desktop and mobile devices. Customers can easily select their preferred dates and times based on current availability, provide their contact information, and book appointments. The system then automates the remaining tasks associated with appointment management.