AI for Talent Management

Updated: July 30, 2023

AI for Talent Management is a transformative approach that leverages artificial intelligence and data analytics to enhance various aspects of the talent management process within organizations. These AI-powered solutions offer capabilities for talent acquisition, employee development, performance management, and workforce planning. AI-driven talent acquisition platforms can analyze resumes, screen candidates, and even predict candidate suitability for specific roles based on historical data and job requirements. In employee development, AI can recommend personalized learning and development programs based on individual skills and career aspirations. AI-powered performance management systems can provide real-time feedback and performance insights, while AI-driven workforce planning can forecast future talent needs and skills gaps. By harnessing AI for Talent Management, organizations can optimize their talent strategies, improve employee engagement and retention, and drive organizational success through a more data-driven and forward-thinking approach to talent management.

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2021. Turing books $87M to help source, hire and manage engineers remotely

Turing, a company that leverages AI to remotely source, assess, recruit, onboard, and manage engineers, including HR and compliance aspects, through its comprehensive "Talent Cloud" platform, has successfully raised $87 million in Series D funding. Turing's future plans involve expanding into related domains such as project management, laying the foundation for a forthcoming product that enables companies to engage complete teams on the Turing platform, rather than managing individual team members separately.

2021. Gloat raises $57M to reinvent the internal job board

Gloat, a company that has developed an AI-powered platform for internal job boards within organizations, has secured $57 million in funding. The funding will be utilized to support business development efforts and enhance Gloat's platform with additional features. One of the key areas of focus will be expanding the platform's capabilities to encompass contractor positions and facilitate opportunities for secondments at other businesses. Gloat also aims to extend its reach to include front-line positions, in addition to the current optimization for knowledge worker roles. The overarching goal is to enhance career agility for individuals embedded within organizations, enabling them to explore internal opportunities alongside external options and fostering a sense of value within the organization.

2019. Polarity raises $8.1M for its AI software that constantly analyzes employee screens

Polarity, a service dedicated to continuous analysis of everything displayed on your PC screen, has recently concluded an $8.1 million funding round. This startup offers computer vision software that utilizes character recognition to examine the content on a user's screen. Its functionality proves beneficial for enterprise teams who can import resources such as a company Rolodex, ensuring that bios are always just a click away. However, the true value lies in the ability for teams to collectively flag items of interest, such as suspicious IP addresses. This enables entire teams to stay informed about new threats and issues simultaneously, eliminating the need for constant communication among coworkers. Notably, Polarity's current product primarily caters to analysts and security teams, emphasizing their specific needs and requirements.