Salesforce launched Helpdesk-app for small business

February 01, 2012 | Author: Sandeep Sharma

Salesforce keeps us happy with its new habit not to dissolve acquired startups in its core (large and expensive) CRM system but to use them for building simple and useful apps for small business. Last autumn Salesforce for $80 million acquired SaaS-Helpdesk service Assistly, made a face-lift, added mobile HTML5-client (for iPhone, iPad, Android), bought a cool domain - and here is the new service! allows you to organize client support by email, phone, via the customer portal on your the website, as well as in social networks. Any message in Facebook and Twitter can be converted into a ticket, assigned to support agent, processed in the support workflow and responded directly to the social network. And then you can publish it to the customer portal in order to reduce the number of same questions coming to support. also preserved the original pricing of Assistly - with time-based billing. You can create users (support agents) and pay $1/hr. So if no requests come to the Helpdesk - you don't pay anything. The price for the full-time user - $49/month (e.g. it can be the customer service manager, who controls the whole process and studies analytical reports). Ana the single-user version of the service - is free!

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Author: Sandeep Sharma
Sandeep is a marketing expert with a wealth of knowledge in various domains: customer relationship management, social media management, advertising, search engine optimization, website building, Sandeep has established himself as a multifaceted professional. He honed his skills while working at Salesforce and Hubspot, where he gained invaluable insights into the industry. Now, as the proud owner of a small advertising consulting agency, Sandeep continues to provide innovative and effective strategies to businesses, helping them thrive in the competitive landscape of digital marketing. You can contact Sandeep via email