Crittercism vs HockeyApp

Last updated: December 13, 2014

Crittercism was built up from the ground specifically for mobile. Crittercism is a complete Mobile Application Performance Management (mAPM) solution that monitors both errors within the app as well as cloud services that interact with the app.
The world's best developers rely on HockeyApp to develop the world’s best apps. Distribute beta versions on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Mac OS, collect live crash reports, get feedback from users, recruit new testers, and analyze test coverage.
Crittercism vs HockeyApp in our news:

2014. Microsoft acquired mobile app testing platform HockeyApp

Apple has Test Flight, Twitter has Crashlytics, and now Microsoft has HockeyApp. The Windows Phone maker has made an acquisition to continue building out its mobile business, this time focusing on developers. HockeyApp is a suite of tools that includes live crash reports, user feedback tools, a beta distribution platform and test analysis that works across Windows Phone as well as Android and iOS.  Microsoft  has been focusing on expanding its own apps to Android and iOS, and to continue to court developers to its platform, it needs to make it a place where they can test and develop more than just for Windows Phone.