Avaya vs Genesys

June 05, 2023 | Author: Adam Levine
Avaya and Genesys are both prominent providers of contact center and customer experience solutions, but they differ in their offerings and approach. Avaya offers a comprehensive suite of communication and collaboration solutions, including contact center software, unified communications, and team collaboration tools. They prioritize providing a seamless, omnichannel customer experience and offer robust features such as IVR, routing, and analytics. Avaya caters to businesses of all sizes, from small enterprises to large corporations, and provides flexible deployment options. On the other hand, Genesys specializes in omnichannel customer engagement solutions, focusing on delivering personalized and contextual interactions across various channels. They offer a wide range of features like routing, workforce optimization, and self-service options. Genesys places a strong emphasis on scalability, AI-powered automation, and analytics to drive better customer experiences.

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With Avaya platform that delivers rock-solid reliability and remarkable adaptability, you can support new collaboration capabilities, applications, and customer services immediately. Choose from more than 700 features and an ever expanding, customizable applications portfolio. Plus, count on unrivaled scalability and flexibility to support everything from click-to-dial video conferencing to sophisticated contact center systems, in locations from small branches to corporate headquarters.
Genesys provides scalability, agility and security. Genesys cloud contact center solutions can improve your customer's journey by increasing personalization and by delivering consistent, connected customer experiences across touchpoints. We meet your customers’ specific channel preferences, such as mobile, SMS and social. Choosing a cloud contact center solution can help your organization achieve these objectives while getting to market faster, and with more flexibility.
Avaya vs Genesys in our news:

2021. Genesys acquires Bold360 from LogMeIn

Genesys, a prominent global provider of contact center solutions, has successfully concluded the acquisition of Bold360 from LogMeIn, thus advancing its vision of Experience as a Service(SM). Bold360 is renowned for its cutting-edge digital capabilities, including customer chat, conversational AI, dynamic knowledge base, and intuitive agent experience. Through the integration of Bold360's complementary features with the Genesys AI and data platform, as well as its partner ecosystem, Genesys empowers companies to deliver seamless, context-based, and personalized experiences across all aspects of their business and channels. By incorporating Bold360, Genesys accelerates its vision for Experience as a Service, reimagining how empathy can intricately connect marketing, sales, and service experiences to benefit customers.

Author: Adam Levine
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