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Zoho Social
Social media management software for growing businesses. Manage multiple social networks, schedule unlimited posts, monitor keywords, and collaborate with your team — all from a single dashboard.
Zoho Social alternatives are:
HootSuite, Buffer
Here are the latest news about Zoho Social:

13.01.17 Zoho Social adds CRM integration, Instagram scheduling

Every social interaction is an opportunity for lead generation. That's why social media management tool Zoho Social added integration with Zoho's CRM. It allows to automatically create new leads from different social networks, such as: Twitter timeline, likes, keywords, or followers; Facebook likes, posts, or messages; Google+ keywords... and more. So, you can track revenue from your social media marketing efforts. Another new feature in Zoho Social is Instagram scheduling and posting. Many brands use repost for Instagram in interesting ways to build their profile and drive engagement. So the Repost for Instagram on Zoho Social will help to automate this process.

2015 Zoho introduced SocialShare - the tool for brands sharing content

2015 Zoho launched social media management service Zoho Social