GroupWise alternatives

Novell GroupWise gives you a wide range of collaborative tools to create a truly "plugged in" work environment. You can easily customize different Home Views or "personal productivity dashboards", bringing together the tools and Web applications you interact with most for any given aspect of your job. From e-mails from your boss, to your daily appointments, to your RSS feeds, to team workspaces, you can grab what matters most and put it front and center.
GroupWise alternatives are:
MS Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, G Suite, Zimbra
Here are the latest news about GroupWise:

1997 Novell GroupWise deploys Internet standards

Novell has introduced a new version of its messaging and collaboration system Novell GroupWise 5.2. As the main competitors (Lotus Notes and MS Exchange) Novell GroupWise deploys the open Internet-standards IMAP4, SMTP / MIME, POP3 and LDAP, so that customers could use the system in combination with other email clients and collaboration applications. Also, Novell has released a gateway, which enables to use the Microsoft Mail client to work with GroupWise server (as you know, this client is included by default in Windows). In addition, Novell GroupWise 5.2 added full support for Java applets, which allows you to access the system through any Internet browser.

1996 Novell GroupWise gets Web access