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Novell GroupWise gives you a wide range of collaborative tools to create a truly "plugged in" work environment. You can easily customize different Home Views or "personal productivity dashboards", bringing together the tools and Web applications you interact with most for any given aspect of your job. From e-mails from your boss, to your daily appointments, to your RSS feeds, to team workspaces, you can grab what matters most and put it front and center.
Here are the latest news about GroupWise:

2009 Novell Pulse - Google Wave for enterprise

Novell Pulse
Novell was formerly #3 after Microsoft and IBM on the enterprise collaboration market (with its email system Novell GroupWise). When intranet solutions became popular, the company unveiled with some delay Novell Teaming, which it positioned as a Sharepoint  alternative. But this system hasn't become very popular. So now Novell hurry to be among the first vendors to provide modern enterprise social systems with real-time capabilities. The new Novell hope is Novell Pulse, that looks very similar to Google Wave and also is able to work with this Google product. Novell Pulse - is a unique tool, as it provides a combination of microblogging, social networking and next generation real-time messaging.

Each user in Pulse has a profile and personal micro-blog, can create groups, subscribe to personal and group feeds and can send / receive private messages. Each message (whether it's a micro-blog post or a private message) is almost Google's "wave". All edits and comments in these messages appear in real time. Of course, the message can be used as a web document for collaborative real-time editing.

You can also insert any file in the message and this file will be automatically synchronized (!) between Pulse server and your computer. So if someone makes changes to the file - it will be updated with all the workgroup. And previous file versions are backuped on the server.

Among advantages over Google Wave, Pulse developers name advanced access control and the ability to provision groups and workmates from an enterprise identity system. And for those users (and external collaborators) who use Google Wave, Novell will provide an opportunity to work in the Pulse messages (waves) in Google interface (by means of Google Wave Federated protocol).

Novell Pulse will be delivered in SaaS and on-premise version. The release of this product is scheduled for the first half of 2010.

1997 Novell GroupWise deploys Internet standards

Novell has introduced a new version of its messaging and collaboration system Novell GroupWise 5.2. As the main competitors (Lotus Notes and MS Exchange) Novell GroupWise deploys the open Internet-standards IMAP4, SMTP / MIME, POP3 and LDAP, so that customers could use the system in combination with other email clients and collaboration applications. Also, Novell has released a gateway, which enables to use the Microsoft Mail client to work with GroupWise server (as you know, this client is included by default in Windows). In addition, Novell GroupWise 5.2 added full support for Java applets, which allows you to access the system through any Internet browser.

1996 Email - the most effective intranet tool

This week, the research firm Arthur Andersen has published a study according to which the most effective tool for intranet collaboration is e-mail. According to the report, 90% of office workers use Email on average 23 times a week. The second position is taken by scheduling tools, then go corporate forums, workflow and task management solutions. This fact is also confirms the "big three" vendors of intranet collaboration systems: Microsoft (Exchange), IBM (Lotus Notes) and Novell (GroupWise). All these products include calendars, tasks and shared database. Nevertheless, all these systems are associated by users primarily as enterprise email solutions. The main reason for this phenomenon (according to the "big three" executives) is e-mail simplicity.

1996 Novell GroupWise gets Web access

Today at the Demo-1996 Conference, Novell introduced GroupWise WebAccess - the module, which enables users to access their universal inlbox in GroupWise through any Internet browser. The server supports Unix, Windows NT and OS / 2 and requires Web-server installation. The web client license cost starts from $ 249. Currently, Novell GroupWise - is the main competitor of IBM Lotus Notes in the enterprise groupware market.