Top 10 Website Security platforms

November 19, 2023 | Editor: Michael Stromann

Website Security platforms protect websites and web applications. Website Security software includes WAF (Web Application Firewall), DDoS Protection, Bot Management, API Security, ATO (Account Takeover) prevention, and more.
Cloudflare is a global network designed to make everything you connect to the Internet secure, private, fast, and reliable. Secure your websites, APIs, ...
Wordfence is a global team of WordPress security analysts, threat researchers, software engineers, and support staff.
Imperva provides complete cyber security by protecting what really matters most—your data and applications—whether on-premises or in the cloud.
SiteLock website security solutions automatically find and fix security threats. Automatically protect your website, reputation, and visitors against cyberthreats.
A website security & protection platform that delivers peace of mind. Restore your peace of mind by securing your websites with our cloud-based platform & experienced security analysts.
WordPress Security for high performance websites. MalCare will keep your site secure without slowing it down. Get automatic malware scans, one-click malware removal and a real-time firewall for complete security of your website.
AWS WAF is a web application firewall that helps protect apps and APIs against bots and exploits that consume resources, skew metrics, or cause downtime.
Stay safe from threats without slowing down. Akamai surrounds and protects your entire ecosystem — clouds, apps, APIs, and users.
Jetpack Security provides easy‑to‑use, comprehensive WordPress site security so you can focus on running your business.
Azure Web Application Firewall is a cloud-native service that protects web apps from common web-hacking techniques such as SQL injection and security vulnerabilities such as cross-site scripting.
CodeGuard automated website backup, monitoring, and restore services brings affordable enterprise level tools to any size website or hosting.
One-click website security service. Solve security problems on your website yourself - with just one click. Automatically clean and protect your websites from malware and vulnerabilities in seconds with the world's most powerful and easy-to-use all-in-one website security tool.
Complete-cloud native web security platform provides full WAAP (Web Application and API Protection) in an all-in-one solution. Protects sites, services, applications, and APIs. Includes next-gen WAF (Web Application Firewall), DDoS Protection, Bot Management, API Security, ATO (Account Takeover) prevention, and much more.

Latest news about Website Security platforms

2023. Cloudflare launches new AI tools to help customers deploy and run models

Cloudflare, a leading cloud services provider, is introducing a suite of innovative products and applications designed to assist users in creating, deploying, and operating artificial intelligence (AI) models at the network edge. Among the new offerings is Workers AI, allowing customers to utilize geographically proximate GPUs hosted by Cloudflare partners for on-demand AI model execution. Additionally, Vectorize offers a vector database for storing mathematical representations (vector embeddings) generated by Workers AI models, while AI Gateway provides metrics to enhance cost management for running AI applications. These advancements signify Cloudflare's commitment to facilitating efficient AI integration and management for its clientele.

2023. Website security platform Imperva is acquired by French giant Thales

Thales, the French defense group, is acquiring the cybersecurity company Imperva for $3.6 billion. Imperva is known for its expertise in data and application security, offering a wide range of services, including web application firewalls (WAFs), API security, DDoS protection, account takeover (ATO) protection, and data activity monitoring (DAM), among others. Thales has been actively investing in strengthening its cybersecurity portfolio through various acquisitions in recent years. For instance, in 2017, it made a significant $5.5 billion deal to acquire Gemalto, a company specialized in digital identification and data protection, particularly in the banking sector. More recently, Thales completed the acquisition of Excellium and S21SEC in deals that concluded last year. Additionally, Thales is in the process of acquiring the Australian cybersecurity startup Tesserent for $176 million (AUD). With the addition of Imperva, Thales is making its entry into the application security market while further expanding its presence in the data security domain.

2023. DataDome, which uses AI to protect against bot-based attacks, raises $42M

As bots pose a significant threat to businesses by stealing content, inventory, and even committing fraud, it's not surprising that companies selling bot-fighting technology are receiving large investments. One such example is DataDome, which offers bot protection services for mobile apps, websites, and APIs and has raised $42 million in a Series C funding round. DataDome's platform uses machine learning to evaluate every request to a website, mobile app, or API, rather than relying on static rules to prevent bot-based threats. Other companies, such as Kasada, ThreatX, and PerimeterX, also use machine learning and proprietary platforms to combat online bots and prevent anomalous behavior in a fully automated manner.

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