Top 10 Vulnerability Testing Platforms

November 23, 2023 | Editor: Michael Stromann

Vulnerability Testing software and services allow to identify vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure, manage your attack surface and evaluate security risks. This includes penetration testing software, PTaaS, vulnerability scanners, exposure management, cyber risk and attack surface management platforms.
Qualys' Enterprise TruRisk Platform provides you with a unified view of your cyber risks so you can communicate this risk throughout your business with the tangible context your team needs to eliminate it efficiently.
Nessus Vulnerability Scanner is built from the ground-up with a deep understanding of how security practitioners work.
Cobalt’s Pentest as a Service (PtaaS) platform, coupled with an exclusive community of testers, delivers the real-time insights you need to remediate risk quickly and innovate securely.
Trusted Security Platform. Outmatch cybercriminals with a legion of ethical hackers who work for you to continuously protect your attack surface.
Anticipate attacks and reduce cyber risk with Tenable One Exposure Management Platform.
Cobalt Strike is an adversary simulation tool that can emulate the tactics and techniques of a quiet long-term embedded threat actor in an IT network using Beacon, a post-exploitation agent and covert channels.
With Rapid7's vulnerability management tool you will be able to understand and prioritize risk with clarity.
Bugcrowd is a crowdsourced security platform - the only security solution that lets you orchestrate data, technology, human intelligence, and remediation workflows to fix your digital blind spots and strengthen your security posture.
Human-led penetration testing and platform-powered vulnerability management that searches for the most critical vulnerabilities and tracks improvement over time
The world’s most used penetration testing framework. Find security issues, verify vulnerability mitigations & manage security assessments with Metasploit.
Europe’s leading bug bounty platform and penetration testing services provider, trusted by world's largest organizations
Intruder's online vulnerability scanner is easy to set up and use, all you need to know is what to scan - infrastructure, web apps or APIs.
Complete External Attack Surface Management solution. Use Detectify to get complete coverage of your growing attack surface with Surface Monitoring and Application Scanning.
BreachLock is the global leader in Pen Testing as a Service (PTaaS). Powered by Certified Hackers that combine AI and human expertise – we help you solve the problems of scalability and cost within an agile, DevOps ready SaaS platform.
A strong security program begins with knowing your attack surface. EASM + RBVM + PTaaS = Full Stack Coverage
Pentest People SecurePortal enables users to identify vulnerabilities as they appear.
Trusted by global enterprises, NetSPI is the leader in penetration testing services and attack surface management, empowering organizations to scale security programs.

Latest news about Vulnerability Testing Platforms

2023. Horizon3 secures $40M to expand its pen testing platform

Horizon3, a startup focused on enhancing the efficacy of organizational cybersecurity measures, successfully secured $40 million in its Series C funding round. The platform addresses prevalent security challenges encountered by enterprises, including the inadequacies of existing security tools, false positives, prolonged delays in engaging security consultants, and the need for manual testing. Horizon3 operates on the premise of adopting the attacker's perspective to streamline security processes, enabling organizations to identify and rectify exploitable attack vectors more efficiently. The software continuously identifies, addresses, and validates potential attack surfaces, unveiling attack paths, illustrating the potential impact of vulnerabilities on the organization, prioritizing and outlining necessary fixes, and subsequently verifying the effectiveness of those remedies.

Editor: Michael Stromann
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