Top 10 Cloud VoIP and SMS Platforms

VoIP and SMS Platforms allow to quickly build voice and texting apps and inbuild them to existing services or applications
Twilio powers the future of business communications, enabling phones, VoIP, and messaging to be embedded into web, desktop, and mobile software. We take care of the messy telecom hardware and expose a globally available cloud API that developers can interact with to build intelligent & complex communications systems. As your app’s usage scales up or down, Twilio automatically scales with you. You only pay for what you use - no contracts, no shenanigans.
Cloud API for Voice and SMS. You can build robust automated Text Messaging (SMS) applications with Tropo to send and receive text messages to mobile devices all over the world.
Clickatell enables application developers to mobile message-enable their application for global bulk SMS delivery via our highly reliable SMS Gateway. Reach any customer on any mobile phone, anywhere, today
Global SMS & Voice calls for businesses of all sizes. Build your business on the most reliable global communications backbone. Everything you need to create powerful Voice & SMS apps
Nexmo is a simple API to push SMS at wholesale rates with high deliverability. Reach over 4 billion mobiles in more than 200 countries. Direct-to-carrier network and Adaptive Routing technology deliver low latency and consistent performance for any message or voice call. Our global network, backed by local country connectors, ensures reach to any phone while keeping your business compliant.
Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) is a push messaging service that makes it simple & cost-effective to push to mobile devices & distributed services.
2600hz allows Carriers, ITSPs, Developers and VARs to offer their own VoIP products & services on top of our fully supported and scalable telecom platform.
Top vendor of IVR platforms and IVR hosting for enterprises, call centers, and IVR developers. We make it easy for businesses of all types and sizes to use the latest standards and technologies to improve customer service, increase loyalty, lower costs and drive new revenue.
Phono by Tropo is a simple jQuery plugin and JavaScript library that turns any web browser into a phone; capable of making phone calls and sending instant messages. You can even connect to SIP clients; all with a simple unified API.
10 is a leading SMS messaging service provider offering two-way SMS communication services straight from your internet enabled computer.
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Latest news about Cloud VoIP and SMS Platforms

2018. Twilio adds support for LINE

Communications API platform Twilio announced that it has added support for messenger LINE. With this, Twilio developers now have the ability to reach users on this service. The LINE support also extends to Twilio Studio, the company’s drag-and-drop app builder, and Flex, Twilio’s recently announced contact center solution. Twilio allows sending and receiving messages and supports many of the most popular messaging platforms, ranging from Facebook Messenger and Slack to WeChat, Kik and the new RCS text messaging standard. Missing from this list are the likes of WhatsApp and SnapChat, though they don’t have APIs that Twilio could easily integrate.

2016. VoIP platform provider Twilio launches add-on marketplace

Twilio announced the launch of its add-ons marketplace. Using these add-ons, developers who use Twilio’s API to power the messaging features of their apps and services can easily combine Twilio’s services with those of its partners. Twilio will handle the billing for its partners and developers can access their services with a single API call. For now, Twilio is working with 18 partners, including the likes of IBM Watson, NextCaller, WhitePages Pro, Mobile Commons and Payfone.  These add-ons are available for Twilio’s Programmable SMS, Programmable Voice and Twilio Lookup services.

2015. Communications platform Twilio raised $130M

Twilio, the developer-centric communications platform, has raised a $130 million Series E round. Twilio says the new round will allow it to accelerate its global expansion plans and expands its efforts to get into the enterprise. The company also says that it will likely use the new funding to ” execute on strategic opportunities such as the company’s recent acquisition of Authy.” Twilio’s innovative cloud communications platform is changing the way businesses communicate with their customers and Salesforce Ventures is excited to help Twilio continue to accelerate their growth. With this round, the company is also clearly setting itself up for an IPO. In total, Twilio has now raised $233.7 $240 million and while it’s not talking about its valuation, it’s an easy guess that we are now talking about more than $1 billion.

2015. Cisco acquires cloud VoIP platform Tropo

Cisco announced its intent to buy Tropo, a Twilio-like communications platform for adding telephony, messaging and other communications tools to any application. Tropo's APIs are making it simpler for developers to add a range of functionality to applications very quickly and one function developers love to include is an ability to communicate. Twilio is probably the best known of the communications APIs, but buying Tropo gives Cisco immediate access to a community of more than 200,000 developers (according to numbers provided by Cisco). Tropo offers its product for free to developers, and then makes money from each communication made via the Tropo platform. This purchase gives Cisco a platform to attract developers to its wider ecosystem, and that’s important for a mature company like Cisco, trying to avoid the brutality of disruption.

2015. Cloud communications platform Twilio adds WebRTC video chat

Twilio, the cloud platform, that makes it easy for developers to integrate voice calling and text messaging into their applications, is now also offering a video chat. The new Twilio Video service uses the WebRTC standard — which Twilio already used for some of its audio features — and is now available in beta. What Twilio hopes to enable with this new feature is a future where video can be easily integrated into any application. Say you have an accident and need to call your insurance. With an integrated video feature, you can’t just tell your insurance agent about what happened, but you can show exactly what kind of damage your car sustained. Using Twilio Video, developers get access to multi-party video calls with up to four participants, support for unlimited video connections, low-latency relays through Twilio’s data centers around the world and access to SDKs for iOS and Android.

2014. Twilio adds MMS messages to its API cloud

Twilio, the cloud service that allows developers to easily integrate text messaging and VoIP into their apps by way of a set of simple APIs, is today adding a new feature - MMS picture messaging. For example it will allow employees to take pictures of interesting items that have come into the store, and instead of sending MMS messages of these pieces using their own direct numbers to share them - use their work numbers, provided by Twilio. Another use case - is letting customers contact companies by way of their apps to send pictures of broken products to get refunds or for technical help. Twilio MMS will work on all standard phone numbers across the U.S. and Canada, with prices starting at $0.01 per message to receive and $0.02 to send — and going down based on volume.