Top 10 Business Travel services

September 28, 2023 | Editor: Adam Levine

Business Travel services allow to plan, book, manage, and share your travel activities, keep your trip details in one place, track expenses and generate documents.
SAP Concur's easy-to-use business travel and expense management software solution helps your business save time, money and gain control. The Concur booking tool makes business travel a snap—starting with customized options that align with your company policies. You can also upload electronic folios, directly to expense reports. Concur provides full visibility into spend and the ability to ensure policy and regulatory compliance.
Navan (formerly TripActions) is the only integrated Business Travel & Expense solution. Save time and money with discounted rates, policy controls, and productivity features. Eliminate out-of-policy spend with controls built right into corporate cards. Empower your employees to book and manage travel with ease and give your company unprecedented control over their travel program
TripIt organizes travel plans into an itinerary that has all of your trip details in one place. Simply forward confirmation emails to and TripIt will automatically build an itinerary for your trip that you can access anytime, either online or from a mobile device.
The world's business travel platform. We bring the power of Expedia Group to deliver simple, consumer-like business travel that users love and fast, expert support for unexpected moments
TravelPerk gives you the safest and most flexible experience in business travel, backed up by the best support team on the planet.
6 for Business is a free, all-in-one platform that makes corporate travel management easier. Enjoy complimentary travel support from CWT, and exclusive business rates while booking flights, accommodation and car rental for your next business trip.
Expedia is an all-in-one travel companion where you can plan, book and manage your whole trip, plus earn rewards, in one place.
Find and book cheap flights, hotels, vacations and rental cars with Hotel, flight and travel deals. Search hundreds of travel sites at once. Kayak website and mobile app enable you to easily compare hundreds of travel sites with one search. Once you find what you want, we let you choose where to book (most travel sites do not).
Best free travel itinerary & road trip planner app. Build, organize, and map your itineraries in a free travel app designed for vacations & road trips
TripCase is a traveler’s key to better trips. It’s an intelligent mobile app that guides you through every stage of your trip, making you the savviest traveler out there. Save yourself time and the hassle of not knowing what's coming. Use TripCase to be connected and prepared when you travel.
All-in-one expense and travel solution to manage business spend. Improve team productivity by making it fast and easy for employees to track spend, even when they work from home. Our integrated solution automates reporting and improves visibility into spend.
Plan your trip with Google. Find flights, hotels, vacation rentals, things to do, and more.
Airbnb provides comforts of home, on the road, whether you’re going on a business trip or relocating to a new city, find homes and boutique hotels with 5-star reviews from other business travellers.
Spotnana's Travel-as-a-Service Platform powers unparalleled global travel experiences for corporate travelers.
CWT simplifies corporate travel. Get more out of your business travel program, or meetings and events, with our cutting-edge travel technology and efficient customized experiences.
Rocketrip cuts a company’s travel costs by incentivizing employees to spend less on their trips. When employees get to keep a portion of the savings they generate, they start to treat the company’s money like it’s their own.
Turn those piles of confirmation emails into clear travel itineraries, automatically synced to your mobile devices and calendar. Simply forward your confirmations to Link your favorite loyalty accounts to Traxo to track points and miles balances, and automatically import new reservations to your trips. Traxo will even update your itinerary if your reservations change.

Latest news about Business Travel services

2023. Google Flights will now tell you when it’s the cheapest time to book

Google Flights has introduced a fresh feature designed to enhance travelers' ability to determine the optimal moment for booking their flights. Utilizing historical trend data, the company is launching new insights that empower users to observe the usual low price periods for their selected destination on their preferred travel dates. This enhancement is aimed at assisting users in resolving the quandary of whether they should secure their flight at present or hold out for more economical fares. To illustrate, Google elucidates that these novel insights might inform users that the most economical period to finalize their travel arrangements is presently around two months before their departure, or conversely, that prices typically decrease as the departure date approaches. Equipped with this newfound comprehension of their potential savings, consumers can make an informed decision about whether to promptly book or await a more favorable pricing.

2023. for Business partners with Traxo to enhance data visibility

In an effort to improve its online booking tool tailored for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), for Business has entered into a partnership with Traxo, a Dallas-based company specializing in real-time capture of corporate travel data. Through this collaboration, clients of for Business, spanning nearly 200 countries, will gain access to comprehensive booking data at any stage of the travel booking process. Traxo's solution automatically identifies all bookings, regardless of the platform used, and presents them in a convenient travel administrator dashboard, encompassing both ongoing and upcoming trips. Furthermore, for Business clients will have the capability to seamlessly transmit their travel data to other travel service providers, such as expense management, duty-of-care, and price assurance services, utilizing the Traxo Marketplace.

2022. Corporate travel tech platform Spotnana nabs $75M

Spotnana, a platform that dubs itself as "travel-as-a-service," has successfully raised $75 million in a series B funding round. This cloud-based toolset is specifically designed for corporations, travel management firms, and technology companies to streamline travel booking and management processes. Spotnana prides itself on being a "unified cloud-based platform" that offers a consistent interface and booking experience to all users. It serves as a single platform catering to both travelers and agents, providing them with access to the same travel inventory, profiles, policies, and rates simultaneously. Spotnana can be utilized in different ways, either as a comprehensive standalone product with its own interface or as an API that enables third parties to leverage Spotnana's infrastructure to develop their own travel products.

2021. Hotel Engine raises $65M as corporate travel rebounds

Corporate travel service Hotel Engine has secured $65 million in a Series B funding round. Hotel Engine defines itself as a "Lodging Performance Network" – a B2B members-only platform with a global booking system. Its primary objective is to grant companies access to improved lodging rates while offering tools and insights to enhance their travel programs. Simultaneously, Hotel Engine collaborates with lodging providers, commonly known as hotels, allowing them to attract a greater number of valuable business travelers.

2021. Business trip platform TravelPerk buys rival NexTravel

Barcelona-based TravelPerk has acquired its US-based competitor, NexTravel, as the travel sector seeks consolidation amidst the challenges posed by COVID-19. The intention is to gradually transition NexTravel users onto TravelPerk's platform. However, the NexTravel team will continue to provide support for their product in the foreseeable future. They will work on identifying and addressing any functional differences to ensure a seamless transition for NexTravel customers in due course.

2020. TravelPerk launches an open API platform to extend its work trip SaaS

Business travel SaaS startup TravelPerk has recently introduced an open API-based platform, enabling its customers and partners to create custom integrations and applications. Initially, the APIs cater to HR and expense management use-cases, and additional APIs will be incorporated based on growing usage and demand. The developers aim for TravelPerk to be an inclusive tool that seamlessly coexists with numerous other SaaS tools. By providing a free and fully open API platform, they anticipate the development of numerous applications and customer integrations in the coming months.

2020. TripActions secures $500M credit facility for its new corporate travel product

TripActions, a unicorn startup based in Palo Alto and focused on corporate travel, has secured a significant credit facility of half a billion dollars. This funding will play a crucial role in supporting the launch of TripActions' second product line, known as TripActions Liquid. This new service addresses the needs of companies that do not provide corporate cards to their employees, offering an alternative to using personal cards for covering expenses related to corporate travel. By utilizing TripActions Liquid, employees can avoid shouldering the financial burden of business expenses. With TripActions Liquid easing the financial aspect and the TripActions platform streamlining the travel booking process, this development has the potential to improve the experience of working professionals in the corporate world.

2019. Corporate travel platform TripActions raised $250M

TripActions, a travel booking service designed specifically for large enterprises, has secured $250 million in Series D funding. Established in 2015, TripActions aims to replace outdated travel booking systems by offering a platform that seamlessly integrates with company HR and expense systems. With TripActions, business travelers can easily arrange flights, hotels, and transportation, while benefiting from round-the-clock global support provided by the startup's team. The funding will be utilized to accelerate the company's international expansion. Presently, TripActions boasts a workforce of 700 employees and maintains offices in cities like London, Sydney, and Amsterdam, among others.

2019. Google launched web portal for Google Trips

Google has introduced a significant overhaul of its web-based travel planning tools, following the launch of a similar set of tools for mobile devices last year. With the revamped Google Trips on the web, users can now access details of their past trips and effortlessly switch between flight, hotel, and package searches. This feature consolidates existing bookings and destination-related information into one place. Furthermore, the service integrates your travel information into Google Search and Maps. To accomplish this, utilizes confirmation emails and receipts from your Gmail inbox to construct a comprehensive timeline of your trip.

2018. Corporate travel startup TripActions raises $154M

TripActions, a prominent travel startup based in Silicon Valley, has successfully raised $154 million in another round of venture capital funding, resulting in a valuation of over $1 billion for the corporate travel management company. TripActions offers a comprehensive corporate travel platform that seamlessly integrates with company HR and expense systems. Through TripActions, business travelers can easily arrange flights, hotels, and transportation, with around-the-clock global support provided by the startup's dedicated staff. Notable companies such as Dropbox, Lyft, Twilio, Allbirds, and Tuft & Needle have chosen TripActions as their travel management solution. The company has expanded its platform by introducing additional features such as TripActions Luxe, a VIP program catering to executive travelers, and TripActions' in-house Meetings & Event solution for group travel. Moreover, TripActions has developed the Guest Invite Portal, specifically designed for HR and recruiting teams. Recently, TripActions established its European headquarters in Amsterdam, which serves as an engineering and data science hub. With the recent investment, the company plans to further invest in research and development (R&D), artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning to enhance its services.

2016. Travel and expense management platform Concur acquired travel search Hipmunk

Concur, the renowned travel and expense platform, acquired by SAP for $8.3 billion in 2014, has recently announced its latest acquisition. Concur is purchasing Hipmunk, a travel search startup, with plans to seamlessly integrate it into its existing platform. While Concur already offers search capabilities, as a current Concur user, I can confirm that there is room for improvement, which Hipmunk's inclusion is expected to address effectively. Concur has a history of acquiring startups to enhance its functionalities, such as TripIt, which enables users to track and share travel plans, and investments made in ClearTrip. This acquisition reflects Concur's commitment to continually enhance its platform and provide a comprehensive travel and expense management solution.

2015. enters the corporate travel Business

Recognizing the substantial number of business travelers who are already using its platform to reserve hotels, has discreetly introduced for Business. This service is specifically designed to cater to small businesses that do not have managed travel programs in place. Free of charge, company managers or administrators can establish for Business accounts, enabling them to make hotel reservations for their employees or extend invitations to their staff, empowering them to arrange their own travel. These administrators have the capability to oversee company bookings and access detailed reports categorized by department, team, or individual employees. While employees can utilize for Business for both business and leisure travel bookings, it's important to note that only their business travel reservations will be incorporated into company reports, according to company officials.

2015. Online travel service Expedia buys competitor Orbitz

Following its recent acquisition of Travelocity for $280 million, Expedia continues its expansion in the online travel industry. The company has announced its plans to acquire Orbitz for $1.6 billion. This strategic move reflects the ongoing trend of consolidation within the market and Expedia's response to the competitive landscape, particularly in light of Priceline's ownership of major travel properties such as Kayak. It is possible that Orbitz recognized the writing on the wall regarding consolidation and opted to join forces with Expedia. With airlines and hotels increasingly conducting business through their own websites, online platforms that aggregate travel deals from various sources have become the primary destination for many travelers seeking the best options. The acquisition of Orbitz strengthens Expedia's position in this evolving landscape and underscores the industry's shifting dynamics.

2015. TripAdvisor buys travel journal app Rove

The travel planning and booking service TripAdvisor has recently acquired ZeTrip, a company known for its "automatic" travel journal app called Rove. Rove creates a travelogue of users' movements based on GPS coordinates and other data. TripAdvisor has traditionally focused on pre-travel activities, assisting users in selecting destinations and planning their trips. However, this acquisition opens up possibilities for the company to extend its engagement with customers, providing a more relevant role during and after their journeys. Furthermore, this acquisition highlights TripAdvisor's strategic approach of accumulating businesses that contribute to its growing database of consumer travel data. This data can potentially enhance its core travel-focused services and enable the company to offer targeted advertising and other marketing services. In summary, TripAdvisor's acquisition of ZeTrip and Rove not only expands its service offerings but also positions the company to have a more comprehensive and valuable relationship with customers throughout their travel experiences.

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