Top 10 Talent Management Systems

November 01, 2023 | Editor: Adam Levine

Talent Management Systems helps to hire, manage, retain, and develop your employees to ensure you have the right people in place.
Workday is a leading provider of enterprise cloud applications for human resources and finance. Workday delivers human capital management, financial management, and analytics applications designed for the world’s largest organisations. Hundreds of companies, ranging from medium-sized businesses to Fortune 50 enterprises, have selected Workday.
BambooHR collects and organizes all the information you gather throughout the employee life cycle, then helps you use it to achieve great things. Whether you’re hiring, onboarding, preparing compensation, or building culture, BambooHR gives you the time and insights to focus on your most important asset—your people.
Benefits. Payroll. HR. All online, all in one place—free. Already have payroll or benefits? Connect them with Zenefits in seconds. Need benefits or payroll? We'll give you quotes and set you up. You and your employees get free access to our in-house insurance, payroll, and HR specialists. Call or email any time. No problem is too big, no question is too small.
Fast, easy, and designed specifically for small businesses. From payroll and tax filing to HR, time tracking, and more, ADP helps Small Business succeed. Running a small business is 24/7 job. That’s why we make it easier with simple, reliable small business payroll and expert HR management services to help you make better, more informed decisions about your business.
SAP SuccessFactors’ time-tested, analyst-recommended solutions drive goal execution across your business from top-to-bottom like no other alternative. By focusing on the three pillars of Business Execution excellence—Business Alignment, Team Execution and People Performance—SuccessFactors Business Execution Software delivers real business impact. It provides the foundation for organizational success by giving you the tools to put the right people in the right place to work on the right things.
Gusto’s people platform helps businesses like yours onboard, pay, insure, and support your hardworking team. Payroll, benefits, and more.
Paychex is a provider of human resource, payroll, and benefits outsourcing services for small- to medium-sized businesses.
Avature HCM SaaS solutions are designed for Strategic HR initiatives in recruiting and talent management.
Rippling makes it unbelievably easy to manage your team's payroll, benefits, computers, and apps — all in one, modern platform.
Oracle Taleo Cloud is the world's most used recruitment platform. Boast more applications, improve efficiency, and get a faster time to hire with an engaging and easy-to-use interface for candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers. Connect with candidates and hiring managers wherever they are to get applications and make hiring decisions at the speed of business. Make data-driven decisions to improve hiring at every step.
TriNet provides HR solutions to small to mid-sized businesses, allowing you to focus on what your company does best. Our bundled HR products, strategic services and software simplify your HR. Tailored by industry, TriNet's bundled HR products cover the core services of payroll, benefits, risk & compliance, an HR team and a cloud platform. TriNet administers payroll and health benefits and advises clients on employment law compliance and risk reduction.
Cornerstone provides talent management, learning, and performance management software delivered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Cloud-based applications to recruit, train, manage, and connect people across your organization. That’s why ensuring you have the right people in the right roles at the right time means choosing the right technology. And, with Cornerstone’s 100% cloud based, fully integrated talent management solutions, global businesses can know that investment in their people is paying off for their business - and their bottom line.
IBM Kenexa delivers talent management solutions across the entire employee lifecycle that are backed by behavioral science insight and the unique combination of content, technology and services. Where other companies focus on just one piece, we bring them all together to create the best picture for each company’s success.
Saba combines the art and science of talent with dynamic technology to deliver a “just for me” talent experience – personal journeys for every person, every team, and every company. From attracting future stars, to developing skills, to coaching for growth, to creating a culture that engages and inspires.
Freshteam is the smart HR software for growing businesses. With Freshteam, you can attract, hire and onboard new hires, offboard exiting employees, maintain employee information, and manage time offs - all in one place.
With complete automation, high-quality information, and easy to own solutions, Kronos proves that workforce management doesn't have to be so hard. A new era of innovation in workforce management is upon us — and Kronos is leading the way around the globe. With thousands of customers in more than 100 countries, we help organizations of all sizes and industries better manage their workforce in the cloud.
Personio is an innovative SaaS solution that combines the vast number of HR support features in one unique tool. With Personio, you can manage documents, attendance data, absences, and salaries consistently; a complete recruiting option including onboarding and offboarding processes is available, too.
Affordable On-Demand Human Resources Information System. Record all your employees basic demographic data and key HR data for government compliance & reporting.
Empower your workforce, stay connected and be more productive with enterprise social collaboration tools and HR self-service solutions from Limeade. We help employees to get their jobs done better every day. In a complex enterprise world, we enable an engaged workforce to stay connected, make smart decisions, and be productive.
The complete toolkit for workforce management. Mobile, Profitable & User Friendly. Create reliable and intelligent staff management systems that are optimised to match your business practices. Fully-integrated time reporting. Your employees can punch in and out directly using their mobile phone. With a mix of full-time, part-time and extra staff it is often difficult to coordinate operational resources.

Latest news about Talent Management Systems

2023. Workday unveils new HR-focused generative AI features

Workday, the enterprise management platform vendor, has unveiled a set of new generative AI features designed to enhance productivity and simplify business operations. Among the upcoming capabilities is the ability for Workday users to automatically compare signed contracts with those in the system, identifying inconsistencies. Additionally, the platform will enable the creation of personalized knowledge management articles and generate statements of work for service procurement. While most of these additions appear beneficial or at least benign, one feature raises concerns for this reporter: the AI-generated employee work plans. This tool will empower managers to swiftly compile summaries of employees' strengths and areas for improvement, drawing from various stored data sources such as performance reviews, employee feedback, contribution goals, skills, and employee sentiment, among others.

2022. Humaans raises $15M to simplify HR tasks like onboarding

Introducing Humaans, an HR tech startup revolutionizing how organizations manage their HR operations. Humaans offers a highly customizable HR stack that efficiently handles various components of people ops, including employee documents, data, payroll, contracts, and more. With Humaans, organizations can easily capture and store essential employee details such as identification documents, emergency contacts, and basic profiles, ensuring no critical information is overlooked. The platform provides valuable insights by monitoring probation periods, employee onboarding and offboarding, birthdays and work anniversaries, expiring IDs, time off, and vacation hours. Moreover, Humaans offers comprehensive reporting on headcount changes across departments, tenure, salary expenditure, and trends related to employee leave patterns.

2022. HR service for digital nomads Benivo raises $12M

Benivo, a B2B SaaS HR platform catering to mobile or relocating workforces, has successfully raised $12 million. Benivo has attracted prestigious clients such as Google, Mondelez, General Electric, Phillips 66, Unity, Wayfair, CGI, Bloomberg, and approximately 50 others. The "global mobility" market is substantial, but many processes still rely on manual methods and involve the use of multiple platforms by employees or their organizations. Benivo sets itself apart by leveraging AI and predictive analytics to automate tasks and assist HR professionals in managing staff relocations or tracking their whereabouts efficiently.

2022. Workday turns more modern and personalized with new interface makeover

Workday, a provider of services for managing people and finances, has announced a comprehensive interface redesign across its product line, aiming to modernize and enhance usability for all users, including frontline workers, managers, and IT professionals. The new interface offers a personalized experience tailored to each user's job role, moving away from a one-size-fits-all approach. This not only simplifies user tasks but also empowers companies to customize the platform to their specific needs. One example of Workday's integration with other systems is its existing integration with Slack. Instead of using the Workday application to request time off, employees can now make the request directly within Slack, automatically routing it to their manager for swift approval. This integration streamlines the process and improves overall efficiency.

2022. 15Five, a pioneer in talent management HR tech, raises $52M

15Five, an early pioneer in the realm of team motivation and performance management technology, has successfully raised $52 million. Currently, the platform is utilized by approximately 3,400 companies, including renowned names such as Credit Karma, Spotify, and Pendo. Its primary focus lies in businesses with employee counts ranging from 100 to 2,500. 15Five goes beyond providing insights and delves into delivering tangible outcomes, which involves expanding its platform to encompass areas like coaching and education. In addition to tracking and establishing goals for teams and individuals, the company is venturing into these new territories. While there are numerous enterprise software companies addressing challenges in HR, enterprise training, education, and performance management, 15Five stands out by seamlessly integrating all of these aspects. Furthermore, it places a strong emphasis on performance management as its primary perspective, setting it apart from its counterparts.

2022. Gloat nabs $90M to build AI-powered internal jobs marketplaces

Gloat, a corporate talent marketplace, announced today that it has secured $90 million in Series D funding. The array of products related to employee recruitment, acquisition, and job boards is virtually limitless—examples include Workday, LinkedIn, and SAP SuccessFactors. However, Gloat stands out by initially focusing on empowering internal mobility. While there are numerous recruiting tools available in the market for sourcing external candidates, internal mobility presents unique and intricate challenges. It necessitates a genuine comprehension of transferable skills and titles that may not be readily apparent without Gloat's technology, which was specifically developed to provide deep insights tailored to organizations and industries.

2022. Personio nabs $200M for its small businesses HRM

Personio, a startup positioning itself as a Workday and ServiceNow alternative tailored specifically for small and medium businesses (SMBs), has secured an additional $200 million in funding. Personio distinguishes itself by offering software solutions designed with the unique needs and usage patterns of SMBs in mind. The platform emphasizes self-service integration options, eliminating the need for dedicated support staff. Initially, Personio gained recognition for its comprehensive suite of recruitment, onboarding, and basic HR management tools. However, as SMBs have expanded their IT aspirations, Personio has evolved accordingly. The company now boasts over 100 third-party app integrations and has recently ventured into workflow automation, facilitating task management, approvals processes, electronic signatures, and other productivity-enhancing features.

2022. Finch raises $15M to build an API for HR systems

Finch, a company that develops APIs to establish connections between corporate payroll, HR, and benefits systems, has recently secured $15 million in a Series A funding round. Positioned as an API for employment systems, Finch serves as a connectivity layer for more than 150 employment systems. This allows applications and services like Gusto, Justworks, Zenefits, and ADP to access employment data stored in diverse systems. Finch also offers specialized services, including Finch Benefits, which simplifies the process of creating benefits plans, enrolling employees, and managing benefit deductions and contributions. With Finch Benefits, any changes made by an employee in a benefits application automatically update the appropriate tax category on their paycheck.

2022. Frontline worker HR platform Snapshift raises $45M

France-based Snapshift, originally established as a staff management web solution for restaurants, has undergone a transformation to become a platform specifically designed for overseeing the "deskless workforce." The company has successfully secured $45 million in Series A funding. Snapshift's primary objective is to assist small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in comprehending and optimizing various aspects of human resources. This includes streamlining payroll management, simplifying staff scheduling, and offering guidance on complex matters such as ever-evolving social and employment regulations. By utilizing Snapshift's product, customers can modernize their management systems, foster trust and transparency, and cultivate environments that are regarded as "great places to work" by their employees.

2022. HR automation platform flex raises $32M

South Korea-based flex, a human resources management platform, has recently concluded a successful $32 million Series B funding round. The company's primary objective is to empower organizations by automating and streamlining manual HR processes, allowing them to prioritize their focus on people. With flex's automation tools, the employee experience is optimized, ensuring smooth data flow across departments for essential tasks such as payroll, e-signature support, on/offboarding, and people analytics. Furthermore, flex has plans to introduce performance review and talent relationship management tools in the first quarter of 2022, expanding its range of offerings.

2021. Workday to acquire external workforce management startup VNDLY for $510M

Workday plans to acquire VNDLY, a startup valued at $510 million, which specializes in assisting companies with managing their external workforce personnel. Workday is renowned for its capabilities in finance and human resources management, and VNDLY perfectly complements the latter category by providing software designed to streamline contractor management. This feature becomes especially valuable during times when filling full-time job positions proves increasingly challenging. By joining forces, these two companies will enable customers to efficiently oversee both internal and external workers through a unified interface, eliminating the need for HR personnel to switch contexts based on worker types. Moreover, customers will gain the ability to proactively plan for their workforce requirements while effectively addressing compliance and risk factors associated with managing different types of workers.

2021. China’s HR tech startup Moka closes $100M

Moka, a Chinese startup founded six years ago with the goal of simplifying human resources management through software, announced today the successful completion of a Series C funding round, raising $100 million. The company's objective is to streamline the entire talent management process, encompassing recruitment and the retention of current employees. As an example, it can automatically gather feedback from candidates following interviews and store this information in a database. Additionally, it can notify employers when employees modify their resumes, indicating potential interest in exploring new job prospects.

2021. Factorial raises $80M for its ‘Workday for SMBs’

Barcelona-based startup Factorial has secured $80 million in funding to strengthen its position in the market. Factorial has developed a comprehensive platform that empowers small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to streamline their human resources operations using sophisticated tools typically utilized by larger enterprises. The platform provided by Factorial offers a centralized solution for managing various HR functions, including hiring, onboarding, payroll management, time off tracking, performance management, and internal communications. For specialized services such as payroll processing and candidate sourcing, Factorial collaborates closely with localized third-party providers, ensuring seamless integration. Factorial's funding will enable the company to enhance its offerings and further support SMBs in optimizing their HR processes.

2021. Knoetic raises $18M to make HR professionals’ lives easier with software

Knoetic, a pioneering startup that has developed a powerful software analytics platform tailored for HR managers, has emerged from stealth mode and secured an impressive $18 million in Series A funding. Knoetic has cultivated a vibrant social community comprising over 1,000 HR professionals, seamlessly integrated within its people analytics software. This unique approach has given birth to an exceptional "Insight Engine," empowering Chief People Officers (CPOs) with both quantitative and qualitative insights. By leveraging this innovative solution, CPOs can make smarter, more holistic decisions pertaining to their workforce. The exclusive referral-only network fosters meaningful discussions around best practices and pressing challenges faced by HR professionals, including navigating the complexities of the COVID Delta variant and transitioning between remote and in-person work environments. In addition, Knoetic equips CPOs with essential capabilities such as building board decks and presenting data to CEOs. The platform's impressive array of features extends to improving employee retention, enhancing compensation strategies, and optimizing hiring processes, making it an indispensable tool for progressive HR management.

2021. Sora’s HR automation software raises $14M

Sora, a dynamic startup specializing in HR automation software, has successfully concluded a Series A funding round, raising an impressive $14 million. Sora offers valuable support to HR operations teams by streamlining the collection and synchronization of data from diverse systems, establishing standardized processes for specific tasks, and facilitating collaboration among the broader people or HR team within organizations. With Sora's innovative capabilities, automated emails can be triggered from HR, HR operations tasks can be centralized, and data can be seamlessly exchanged between different software tools used by larger human resources teams. This transformative approach significantly reduces mundane and repetitive tasks for HR operations teams, saving time and minimizing the risk of overlooking critical responsibilities. As HR operations teams often oversee crucial processes like onboarding, the ability to avoid errors becomes paramount. Sora empowers HR operations teams to operate efficiently and effectively, freeing them from burdensome administrative work and enabling them to focus on strategic initiatives.

2021. HRM startup Employment Hero raises $103M

Employment Hero, an automated human resources, payroll, and benefits platform for SMEs, has secured a significant funding round of $103 million USD. The company intends to maintain its focus on Malaysia and Singapore throughout this year while exploring opportunities to promote SEEK's products and services in Asia. Following this, Employment Hero plans to customize its platform for Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Vietnam. Localization efforts will involve adapting employment contracts, policies, leave rules, and pay rules to suit each country's requirements. Additionally, Employment Hero will establish integrations with local tax authorities, pension funds, and benefits providers to offer users discounts on essential expenses such as health insurance and mortgages.

2021. Visier raises $125M for its big-data approach to HR analytics and planning

Visier, a Canadian startup, has successfully raised $125 million (USD) in a Series E funding round, resulting in a valuation of $1 billion for the company. Visier specializes in building a powerful big-data engine capable of aggregating and analyzing data from various human resources and related applications. This enables the development of more accurate profiles of individuals and departments, proving particularly valuable in considerations such as remuneration, promotions, and hiring budgets. Visier's solution seamlessly integrates with popular HR management tools like Workday and Success Factors, allowing for data ingestion and visualization to provide comprehensive insights into the current state of affairs. Moreover, the platform's capabilities extend beyond HR departments, finding relevance in areas such as management, finance, and empowering employees themselves. With its data-driven approach, Visier not only offers a snapshot of the present but also increasingly delves into predictive insights.

2021. Workforce management platform Workrise raises $300M

Workrise, a workforce management platform specializing in skilled trades, has successfully raised $300 million in a Series E funding round. The company underwent a name change earlier this year, transitioning from RigUp, to reflect its expanded focus on industries beyond oil and gas, which has faced significant challenges in recent times. Workrise has extended its services to encompass wind, solar, commercial construction, and defense sectors. In essence, the platform serves as a bridge, connecting skilled laborers with infrastructure and energy companies seeking efficient project staffing and management. Workrise's online platform facilitates the matching of workers with over 500 companies in its network, while also overseeing payroll, benefits management, and providing access to training resources.

2021. Employee training/motivation platform Rising Team gets $3M

Rising Team, a platform that has secured a $3 million seed round, offers a unique blend of management tools and training. The primary objective of Rising Team is to assist managers in effectively motivating, organizing, and leading their teams. The platform encompasses a suite of tools as its foundation, incorporating exclusive assessments and 1:1 templates. Unlike conventional employee surveys that primarily focus on job-related aspects, Rising Team's assessments delve into the personal attributes of team members, exploring how they prefer to be recognized and identifying their talents and skills. Additionally, Rising Team is actively developing a community feature that facilitates communication and collaboration among managers.

2021. BrioHR raises $1.3M for its HRM software

BrioHR, a company specializing in developing human resources (HR) software for the Southeast Asian market, has successfully secured $1.3 million in funding. While BrioHR faces competition from local firms that primarily offer individual solutions such as payroll management, it is committed to creating a comprehensive regional solution. Currently, the startup offers payroll support in a limited number of countries, but it has ambitious plans to expand its services to new countries within this year. BrioHR aims to establish a presence with its payroll product across multiple regions within the next two to three years.

2021. Microsoft launches employee experience platform Viva

Microsoft has introduced Viva, a new "employee experience platform" that reimagines the traditional intranet sites commonly provided by large companies to their employees. Viva encompasses essential features such as internal communication access, seamlessly integrated with SharePoint, Yammer, and other Microsoft tools. Moreover, Viva offers team analytics capabilities and integrates with LinkedIn Learning and other training content providers, including SAP SuccessFactors. Additionally, Microsoft has introduced Viva Topics, a feature designed for internal knowledge sharing within organizations. With Viva, Microsoft aims to enhance the overall employee experience by providing a comprehensive and integrated platform.

2021. Oyster snaps up $20M for its HR platform aimed at distributed workforces

Oyster, a startup and platform that streamlines the hiring, onboarding, and HR services for contractors and full-time employees in the realm of "knowledge work," has successfully concluded a Series A funding round, securing $20 million. Oyster's comprehensive suite of services encompasses payroll management, benefits administration, and salary management, providing companies with end-to-end HR support. While Oyster currently does not cover candidate sourcing, interviewing, or evaluation processes, it envisions potential opportunities to develop its own technology or establish partnerships to offer these services as part of its all-in-one solution. The company has also ventured into virtual job fairs, hinting at potential products that it may explore in the future. Oyster's aim is to serve as a one-stop shop for companies seeking to streamline and optimize their HR processes in the knowledge work domain.

2021. Workday nabs employee feedback platform Peakon for $700M

Workday has announced its acquisition of Peakon, an employee feedback platform, for $700 million. As organizations grow in size and geographic reach, it becomes increasingly difficult for managers to have a comprehensive understanding of their company's dynamics. Peakon addresses this challenge by utilizing weekly surveys to gather targeted feedback on various aspects of the organization. By emphasizing the importance of quality data, Peakon has facilitated the asking of over 153 million questions since its establishment six years ago. This acquisition aligns with Workday's commitment to enhancing its capabilities in employee engagement and feedback analysis.

2021. Salesforce leads $15M investment in Asian HR tech platform Darwinbox

Darwinbox, a cloud-based human resource management platform, has successfully raised $15 million in a recent funding round led by Salesforce. The Darwinbox platform is designed to address the comprehensive needs of the employee lifecycle, from recruitment to retirement. It facilitates smooth onboarding processes for new hires, monitors and evaluates employee performance, tracks attrition rates, and establishes an ongoing feedback loop. Additionally, Darwinbox offers a social network feature that enables employees to stay connected with one another, and an AI assistant that allows users to conveniently apply for leave or schedule meetings through quick voice commands on their mobile devices.

2021. Personio raises $125M for an HR platform for SME

Personio, a German startup specializing in providing all-in-one HR solutions for small- and medium-sized businesses, has secured $125 million in funding, valuing the company at $1.7 billion. Personio's comprehensive HR platform encompasses essential functions such as recruiting, onboarding, payroll management, and absence tracking, tailored specifically for smaller organizations. With approximately 3,000 SMEs across Europe already utilizing its services, Personio has established a strong customer base. The company is not alone in recognizing the potential for increased demand for HR tools in the evolving work landscape. Similar startups like Hibob have also witnessed significant growth and have been actively raising funds to capitalize on this opportunity.

2020. HiBob raises $70M for its new take on human resources

Productivity software has undergone significant reassessment this year, and this trend extends to human resources (HR) platforms, which handle tasks such as hiring, firing, payroll, and employee management. Hibob, a startup at the forefront of reimagining HR processes for the future, has announced a substantial fundraising achievement, securing $70 million in funding. Hibob adopts a ground-up approach that aligns with modern work dynamics, enabling users to seamlessly integrate various software and apps based on their specific needs. The platform offers integrations with popular HR tools such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, Mercer, and other packages widely used by HR departments.

2020. Welcome raises $6M to help your company hire and keep employees

Welcome, the HR software that facilitates organizations in creating and finalizing offers for new candidates, has recently announced the successful completion of a $6 million seed round. Additionally, Welcome is introducing a new product called Total Rewards today, which not only assists new candidates but also provides existing employees with a comprehensive and easily understandable overview of their compensation, encompassing salary, benefits, equity, and more. By leveraging Welcome, companies can efficiently structure their compensation packages based on level and position and deliver this information to candidates digitally in a coherent manner. The startup seamlessly integrates with various software providers, including Slack, Lever, Greenhouse, ADP, and Justworks, among others, streamlining the onboarding process for Welcome clients and consolidating a wide range of information in a single platform.

2020. Gusto is expanding from payroll into a full suite financial wellness platform

Gusto initially emerged as a payroll startup catering to small businesses. However, in recent years, the company has expanded its range of features beyond payroll, redefining the boundaries between payroll and financial wellness. This has led to a convergence that blurs the traditional lines of the fintech market. Presently, Gusto has unveiled a range of new offerings intended to provide employees with enhanced financial and health options through their employers. Notably, one noteworthy addition is Gusto Wallet, an app and suite of products designed for employees who receive their wages through Gusto. Gusto Wallet functions as a mini bank and financial health monitoring tool. It includes an interest-bearing cash account known as Cash Accounts, which can automatically allocate a portion of each paycheck into the user's savings, similar to offerings from Acorns and Digit.

2020. Papaya Global raises $40M for a payroll and HR platform aimed at global workforces

Papaya Global, an Israeli startup specializing in cloud-based payroll, hiring, onboarding, and compliance services for organizations employing workers outside their home countries, has successfully secured $40 million in a Series B funding round. Managing global workforces presents numerous challenges due to varying employment regulations, diverse banking rules, and distinct payment practices across different countries. While modern tools like Rippling, Gusto, and Zenefits have emerged for local workforces, they were not specifically designed to address these international complexities. Papaya Global aims to bridge this gap by providing tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of organizations with global workforces.

2020. Workforce management startup Legion raises $22 million

Legion, a workplace management platform powered by artificial intelligence, has successfully raised $22 million in a Series B funding round. The primary objective of Legion is to assist employers in effectively managing their hourly workforces by automating key decisions such as labor allocation to meet company demands and worker scheduling. Leveraging demand forecasting, labor optimization, and employee preferences, Legion generates schedules that ensure employees can work during their preferred hours. The platform caters to mid-sized and larger enterprise customers, offering them enhanced workforce management capabilities.

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