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August 28, 2023 | Editor: Sandeep Sharma

Real estate software provides comprehensive tools and functionalities to assist real estate businesses in managing their operations and transactions. These software platforms typically offer features such as property listing management, client relationship management (CRM), document management, financial tracking, and reporting, enabling real estate companies to streamline processes, track leads, organize property data, and effectively manage their business activities for increased productivity and better customer service.
kvCORE, the #1 rated real estate platform, is built to power your entire brokerage with next generation technology your agents will use and love.
Real estate software that acts like a team member. Pass on the extra hires and streamline your workflow from lead to closed deal. BoomTown’s world-class lead generation, CRM technology, and real estate broker & agent software and websites work hand-in-hand, so you can ditch the grunt work and focus on creating a delightful experience clients talk about and real estate marketing strategies agents rave about.
Follow Up Boss turn leads into clients with always-on follow up that tells agents who to call, when. Instantly assign leads to real-estate agents, respond to new leads and send notifications and reminders to agents
LionDesk CRM - sales and marketing automation for Real Estate Agents and Brokers, and more including email marketing, SMS texting, video texts, A.I., transaction plans, and much more.
Real Estate Sales & Marketing Solution. Provides lead generation websites, CRM, Lead Cultivation
Wise Agent is a contract-free Real Estate CRM platform. Seamless Transaction Management. From initial outreach to the closing table, ensure every detail happens exactly how it should.
Top Producer CRM is an innovative real estate software solution that helps tens of thousands of agents stay organized and follow up effectively
Ylopo is a next-generation Complete Digital Marketing Solution designed to help you find more clients, build your brand, and grow your team.
Chime is an all-in-one real estate solution that offers CRM, IDX, team management, lead generation and more bundled in a seamless, easy to use package.
Market Leader's pioneering real estate leads products and contact management and engagement solutions allow to generate and convert more leads into clients with
  on Live Enterprise
BoldLeads offers exclusive real estate lead generation for buyer & seller leads. Generate & nurture leads with our done-for-you platform.
The world's most customizable real estate CRM. Build workflows, manage your team, scale your business—and leave the busy work to Realvolve.
An all-in-one real estate CRM that makes it easy to manage your contact information, keep in touch communications, active business, and online presence.
Real Estate Website + CRM to Grow Your Business. Propertybase GO is real estate's next-generation platform designed for brokerages and teams to increase agent productivity and turn more leads into clients.

Latest news about Real Estate Software

2023. Luxury Presence, which builds marketing tools for realtors, raises $19.2M

Luxury Presence, a startup offering marketing solutions to real estate agents, teams, and brokerages, has secured an impressive $19.2 million. This company specializes in aiding clients in the real estate industry by facilitating the creation of real estate websites, advertisements, content marketing strategies, and engagement on social media platforms, among other services. By leveraging its platform and content management system, users have the capability to construct their own web pages and property presentations, or even showcase their properties on Luxury Presence's expanding database for home searches. Notably, Luxury Presence has recently unveiled "Presence Copilot," a mobile app enhanced with AI capabilities, catering to realtors and featuring collaborative tools for client interaction, which is currently in a private beta phase.

2021. Side raises $150M to help real estate agents go it alone

Side, a real estate technology company, has recently secured $150 million in Series D funding. Side specializes in transforming agents and independent brokerages into distinctive boutique brands and businesses. Through its white label model, Side collaborates with agents and teams, focusing on marketing their unique boutique brand while simultaneously providing the necessary technology and backend support. The company's objective is to assist partner agents in achieving predictable business growth and enhancing productivity. Currently, Side supports over 1,500 partner agents across California, Texas, and Florida.

2021. Proptech startup Knock secures $20M to grow SaaS platform for property managers

Knock, a pioneering startup, has successfully raised $20M by creating innovative tools that empower property management companies to gain a competitive advantage. Knock's primary objective is to revolutionize front office operations for these companies by offering advanced CRM tools. With these tools, property management companies can modernize their operations, providing features such as virtual tours and streamlined communication with renters through various channels like text, email, or social media, all accessible from a unified conversation screen. For renters, Knock offers a more convenient and efficient way to communicate and engage with landlords.

2020. Goodlord, the proptech startup that offers a SaaS for rentals, has raised £10M

Goodlord, the proptech startup based in London, has secured £10 million in "Series B" funding for its cloud-based software solution that aids estate agents, landlords, and tenants in managing the rental process. In contrast to other startups in the rental market space that aim to disrupt traditional brick-and-mortar letting agents with online alternatives, Goodlord's Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is designed to support all stakeholders involved, including traditional high-street letting agents, landlords, and tenants. Their SaaS platform enables letting agents to digitize various aspects of the moving-in process, such as utilizing e-signatures and facilitating online rental payments, while tenants benefit from a tenant dashboard and enhanced transparency. This funding will further fuel the development and expansion of Goodlord's innovative platform.

2015. Bpm’online CRM for real estate imroves MLS integration

Bpm’online real estate has unveiled its updated 7.5 version, a cutting-edge CRM system tailored for both commercial and residential real estate enterprises, offering comprehensive management of customer interactions throughout the entire sales process, from leads to transactions. This latest release introduces unprecedented customization capabilities, enhanced integration with MLS (Multiple Listing Service), and expanded functionalities for listing and contract management. The improved MLS integration enables swift importing of available listings from the market directly into bpm’online real estate within seconds. This facilitates the seamless inclusion of relevant MLS data and photos, fostering stronger connections between home buyers and sellers. As soon as a new listing is added to bpm’online real estate, the system automatically identifies pertinent customer requests and promptly notifies the agent. This approach empowers agents to effortlessly close more deals, catering to customer needs with increased efficiency.

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