Top 13 Online and Mobile Photo Editors

Online and Mobile Photo Editors allow to create and edit graphical images in web-browser or on mobile devices.
The most robust browser photo editor, for all your editing needs. Online or offline. Browser-based or native app. Now for Windows and Mac as well as iOS and Android. Pixlr is ready to make moments beautiful wherever you are and whenever inspiration strikes.
PicMonkey is a free photo editor that works in your browser — nothing to download or install. Fix your photos and add beautiful filters and text. Touch up facial features or create outstanding graphics. Ridiculously easy, staggeringly gorgeous. Ads-free editing plus a kingly hoard of primo effects, supreme fonts, exclusive designs, and more
Canva gives you everything you need to easily turn ideas into stunning designs. Create designs for Web or print: blog graphics, presentations, Facebook covers, flyers, posters, invitations and so much more.
GIMP is the GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a freely distributed piece of software for such tasks as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring. It works on many operating systems, in many languages.
Aviary is a powerful photo editor which we created because we wanted a quick and easy way to edit our photos on the go with no fuss. We’ve included all the tools you need, in a super intuitive interface so you can get right to editing. Make photos beautiful in seconds with stunning filters, frames, stickers, touch-up tools and more.
Adobe Spark is an online and mobile design app. Easily create stunning social graphics, short videos, and web pages that make you stand out on social and beyond.
Snapseed is the only photo app you’ll want to use every day. It makes any photograph extraordinary with a fun, high-quality photo experience right at your fingertips. Anyone can enhance, transform, and share their photos with ease using incredibly advanced features from the leader in digital photography software. Built-in Google+ capabilities make it even more powerful to share your images with your friends and family.
Fotor - Free Online Photo Editing & Creatives. Online photo editing & creatives made simple and fun with Fotor free online photo editor, features include photo collage, effects, online filters, frames, photo filters.
Online Photo Editing Made Fun and Easy. Ribbet lets you edit all your photos online, and love every second of it. Crop, resize, and rotate in real-time. Tons of special effects, from artsy to fun. Astoundingly fast, right in your browser
iPiccy makes your photo awesome with many easy to use photo tools. Edit pictures, apply beautiful photo effects, add text and even paint! Enjoy free photo editing online and show your creativity with iPiccy editor!
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PicsArt is a full-featured mobile photo editor, drawing tool and social art community in one. Find exceptional shots, creative collages, blended photos, artistic selfies, original drawings and more in our galleries.
Sumo Paint is an online image editor, without need to install anything to your device. It's the most versatile photo editor and painting application that works in a browser. You can open and save images from your hard drive or save it to cloud.
Kapwing is a collaborative platform for creating images, videos, and GIFs.

Latest news about Online and Mobile Photo Editors

2019. Adobe Photoshop arrives on the iPad

At last Adobe has released Photoshop for the iPad. It costs $9.99 per month for use of just the app, or included as part of an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. This initial version of Photoshop for the iPad isn’t at feature-parity with its desktop editing software. It does, however, support Apple Pencil for iPad Pro and more recent iPad models, and it allows editing of PSD files. There are features like spot healing and clone stamp that can be highly useful for refining edits on the go available right now. A workflow that incorporates Lightroom on iPad can probably serve pros looking to maximize portability decently well, even if it can’t match the sheer range of things you can do on the desktop just yet. Plus, PSDs you store in Creative Cloud will be available to edit right where you left off everywhere.

2019. Graphic Design Software Canva launched enterprise product

Canva, the Australian-based design tool maker, announced that it has raised an additional $10 million to bring its valuation to $3.2 billion. Besides, the company is launching Canva for Enterprise. Thus far, Canva has offered users a lightweight tool set for creating marketing and sales decks, social media materials, and other design products mostly unrelated to product design. The idea here is that, outside of product designers, the rest of the organization is often left behind with regards to keeping brand parity in the materials they use. Canva is available for free for individual users, but the company has addressed the growing need within professional organizations to keep brand parity through Canva Pro, a premium version of the product available for $12.95/month.

2019. Graphic design platform Canva raised $70 million

Canva has raised another $70 million to expand its graphic design platform. The round, which values the company at a massive $2.5 billion, brings its total raised to $166 million. The news comes mere days after the provider of design and publishing tools acquired the free stock image providers Pexels and Pixabay and launched a new subscription service for its premium image marketplace, Photos Unlimited. The new capital, however, will be used to fuel another new product, Canva Enterprise, which is tailored for larger brands and businesses seeking additional brand control and collaboration. Today Canva counts 15 million users in 190 countries.

2017. 5 Best Online Image Editing Tools

Though recently online image editors have taken a great step forward, we do not recommend designers to pay attention on them - none of them can match the capabilities of Photoshop. However, for marketing specialists that use to draw simple banners, images for presentations or web site, these online tools may be be very useful. We selected the best 5 tools in this series. And the online Photoshop Express was not included in this rating (as well as Picnick owned by Google) - because these services are suitable only for cropping images and removing red-eyes. We included only those tools that can be really used for business purposes. Pixlr Perhaps, for now Pixlr - is the best option, which impresses by stable and fast performance and usable interface. It's very similar to Photoshop by function set and contains almost all the basic tools, including features for working with layers and filters. In addition, Pixlr provides API, which allows you to use image editor in your site or web application. Splashup Splashup is almost as good as Pixlr. It's fast and functionally - provides layers, effects and powerful painting tools. It has very comfortable and nice interface. You can upload images from your computer and from the Internet. However, there is one big disadvantage - is doesn't support UTF, i.e. you can't enter characters in most languages. Aviary Aviary - is not just an online image editor - it's a set of 8 online tools for working with raster and vector graphics, creating screenshots, 3D-images, image effects, icons and even sound files. Note Aviary uses the main advantage of online applications - collaborative tools. In addition, Aviary provides an online marketplace where you can buy or find free templates and graphics for your work. SUMO Paint SUMO Paint - is a very functional image editor, reminding the old Photoshop version. It provides full layers support, and the variety of effects and filters. But it works pretty slow when it comes to uploading or saving images. Also, some features may confuse those who used to work in Photoshop - for example the editor's intention to put all elements into one layer CloudCanvas Unlike all above listed services, CloudCanvas works not on Flash, but on HTML5 (this is especially important for iPad users). It appeared only a week ago and can't boast such a rich functionality yet. But it works with both raster and vector images - i.e. it's a combination of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. CloudCanvas contains a library of over 30,000 clip-arts and 500 fonts. And it is very easy to work with images that you can add from Google Images and other websites.

2015. Online design platform Canva launched business version

Online graphic design platform Canva has launched Canva for Work, that allows organizations of any size to use Canva’s core feature set along with special features aimed at businesses, such as the ability to save and share a brand kit with the company’s logo and color palette. While the platform itself had simplified graphic design for the mainstream, business users still faced a number of pain points in their organizations. For starters, their in-house graphic designers were often over-stretched, having to make minor text edits for marketing teams, executives, social media teams and others. With Canva for Work, however, designers can instead now set up a variety of pre-made templates across varying file formats – presentations, posters, ads, letterheads, social media posts, and more. Then, others in the organization can customize these items with their own text and graphics. These materials can also be shared in a folder on Canva for easy access.

2014. Photoshop is coming to Chromebooks

For the longest time, pundits said that Google’s Chromebook initiative wouldn’t amount to much because Chrome OS couldn’t run complex applications like Photoshop. Those pundits will have to find another example now, because starting today, Photoshop will run on Chrome OS and on Chrome for Windows. This is the complete version of Photoshop, but it will run in a virtualized environment, so you don’t need to install anything on your local machine. This new streaming version of Photoshop will be available first for Adobe education customers with paid Creative Cloud subscriptions. And then Adobe plans to launch this to a wider audience. Adobe also provides cloud-based Photoshop Express editor, which, however, provides much less features, than the desktop software.

2014. Adobe acquired online/mobile photo editor Aviary

Aviary, the cloud service, that offers a photo-editing platform and a free SDK equipping developers with a customizable photo editor (that can be embedded into iOS, Android, Windows and HTML5 apps) has been acquired by Adobe. According to a blog post from Aviary CEO Tobias Peggs there should be no interruption of service. However, the two companies are working on ways to offer integrated versions of Adobe products to Aviary developers, “such as the ability to save creations to Creative Cloud in Adobe file formats, access Photoshop technology, and connect creativity across devices using the Creative SDK.”  Already under development, the Adobe Creative SDK will consist of a software library set up to form the foundation for these third-party mobile apps while also tying data and content back to Adobe's flagship Creative Cloud software suite.