Top 3 Enterprise Gamification software

July 29, 2023 | Editor: Adam Levine

Enterprise Gamification solutions allow to motivate employees, customers and partners and keep them engaged.
Rafflecopter makes it “mega simple” to launch and manage a giveaway for any brand, on any website, as much as you want, with no I.T. help required.
Bunchball launched the gamification industry and generates lasting ROI with real business value by motivating people through big data. Customers, employees, and partners do more, learn more, and share more in ways that matter to your business. Now, you can harness the power of gamification to engage your audience.
Funifier studio is a secure, flexible and easy to use Gamification platform. Gamify your business within hours directly from your device. Funifier Studio makes it easy for administrators to create, evaluate and go live with their own Gamification strategy.

Latest news about Enterprise Gamification software

2015. Enterprise Gamification platform Playbasis gets $1.8M

Playbasis, the company providing gamification solutions for businesses and enterprises, has successfully concluded a Series A funding round, raising $1.85 million. Initially, Playbasis concentrated on implementing gamification strategies in the enterprise sector, drawing inspiration from popular consumer apps like Waze and Foursquare that utilize leaderboards, badges, and competitions to enhance user engagement. However, based on customer feedback and the evolving nature of the industry, Playbasis decided to broaden its scope and delve into other domains. One of their key focuses is the development of APIs and modules designed to empower app developers, game publishers, and creators with the ability to incentivize users through rewards and more. Additionally, Playbasis is actively working on dedicated software and services tailored for enterprises, employing cutting-edge technologies such as virtual reality to motivate and engage both staff and end customers.

2011. Work gamification - the Next Big Thing

Do you want your company to use the latest, most effective business technologies? Or you are creating a business application and want to make your product the next big hit? Then you are probably watching the new IT trends. In recent years we saw such emerging trends as SaaS (software as a service), business virtualization (where staff can work remotely), the socialization of business apps, mobile access. What's next? Perhaps it will be the Gamification. From the title it's clear that Gamification - is turning something into a game. In our case - turning work into the game. Imagine how much $$$ this promise potentially contains? ***

Editor: Adam Levine
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