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November 27, 2023 | Editor: Michael Stromann

Enterprise Firewall software monitors incoming and outgoing network traffic, filtering it based on predefined security rules and policies. It uses advanced techniques such as stateful inspection, deep packet inspection (DPI), application-layer filtering, and intrusion prevention to detect and block various types of cyberattacks, including malware, viruses, unauthorized access attempts, and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. With centralized management and reporting capabilities, enterprise firewall software provides IT administrators with granular control, real-time visibility, and the ability to proactively respond to emerging security risks, ensuring the organization's digital assets remain protected from evolving cyber threats.
pfSense open-source firewall solution is a fully-featured firewall/router providing enterprise features. It allows businesses and home users to secure networks, create VPN tunnels, do advanced routing, remote access, DNS, DHCP, etc. many other core network services and features.
Virtualized ML-Powered NGFWs match best-in-class security with cloud speed, agility and scale. Get simple and best-in-class network security for public clouds, private clouds, virtual branches, and critical infrastructure.
Fortinet's FortiGate is the only NGFW with unified management for hybrid mesh firewall
Defend SMBs, enterprises and governments from advanced cyber attacks with SonicWall's award-winning firewalls and cyber security solutions.
Check Point offers, for the first time, an all-inclusive security management architecture delivered from the Cloud designed to manage security across on-premise Firewalls, Networks, Cloud, Mobile and IoT.
Secure Firewall helps you plan, prioritize, close gaps, and recover from disaster-stronger.
Free & Open source firewall. Everything essential to protect your network and more
Untangle NG Firewall is a Debian-based network gateway with pluggable modules for network applications like spam blocking, web filtering, anti-virus, anti-spyware, intrusion prevention, VPN, SSL VPN, firewall, and more.
WatchGuard Firebox Cloud provides the same award-winning UTM security available in our Firebox appliances to protect servers running in public cloud environments.
Sophos Firewall provides comprehensive next-generation firewall protection powered by deep learning and Synchronized Security. Offering unmatched insights, Firewall exposes hidden user, application, and threat risks on the network and is unique in its ability to respond automatically to security incidents by isolating compromised systems with Security Heartbeat.
IPFire is a hardened, versatile, state-of-the-art Open Source firewall based on Linux. Its ease of use, high performance in any scenario and extensibility make it usable for everyone.
Zenarmor - Agile Service Edge Security - Instant Network Security for your Hyper-Distributed Enterprise. Anywhere. Anytime. Any Cloud.
Azure Firewall is a managed, cloud-based network security service that protects Azure Virtual Network resources.
VMware NSX/NSX+ Distributed Firewall allows to stop the lateral spread of threats across multi-cloud environments with a software-based Layer 7 firewall distributed at each workload.

Latest news about Firewall software

2023. Nile, which offers enterprise networks as a service, raises $175M

Nile, a company offering enterprise networks as a service (NaaS), has raised $175M Series C. Nile's unique approach eliminates the need for manual configuration of networking devices like switches and routers, automating tasks such as software and hardware upgrades and security patches. One of Nile's standout features is its telemetry, which allows the platform to create a snapshot of a network's performance and compare it against benchmarks. Utilizing specially developed sensors and algorithms, Nile's cloud platform conducts near-real-time network performance analyses and deploys "software bots" as needed to address any anomalies. In the market, Nile competes with established players like Cisco, Juniper, and HPE's Aruba Wireless, offering custom-built networks tailored to each customer's requirements. The pricing model is based on a pay-as-you-go basis, allowing for easy scalability depending on usage. Nile provides all the necessary hardware and software to set up and maintain enterprise-grade networks efficiently.

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