Top 10 Field Service management software

June 22, 2023 | Editor: Sandeep Sharma

Field service management business software allows to coordinate field service operations, including scheduling work orders, dispatching service technicians, tracking labor hours and job status, and invoicing the completed job.
Jobber's service scheduling software is the most efficient way to organize visit scheduling, quotes, invoicing, billing and your team.
Powerful software for more than 15,000 home service companies. Automates scheduling, dispatching, estimates, and invoicing.
The world's leading all-in-one software for residential and commercial HVAC, plumbing, electrical and other service businesses.
mHelpDesk is a mobile field service management software that helps you spend less time on organizing your business and more time perfecting your craft.
The preferred field service management software of over 3000 service businesses. Providing work order entry, dispatch, scheduling, and invoicing technology.
FieldEdge provides efficient ways to track customers, dispatches, service history, and more with our field service management software.
ServiceMax delivers the future of field service, today. Its Field Service Management Software is powerful, easy-to-use, efficient, mobile, and collaborative. Imagine flawless field service. At ServiceMax, we help customers of all sizes perfect their service delivery process, drive revenue growth, and not just satisfy customers, but also delight them.
ClickSoftware improves the efficiency and effectiveness of field service organizations and mobile workforces. Real-time operational intelligence delivers real business value.
Field Service Management has never been easier. Schedule jobs, get paid in the field and grow your business with Workiz field service software
Service scheduling software and invoicing software for lawn care, cleaning service, snow plowing, fertilization, pest control and field service companies.
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Wintac HVAC software is easy to use and incorporates everything a service company needs in one package. Wintac software can help streamline your field service business and save you time and money.
KickServ provides you the best field service software that will help you manage leads, your team's schedule, invoices and more. We make service simple.
ServiceCEO software can help your field service business with management, scheduling, dispatching, billing, and estimating. With ServiceCEO, running your business on paper becomes a thing of the past. ServiceCEO even replaces all of the different software programs you once used, becoming your single source for all of your management needs.
Service business software for field service companies. The leading business software platform for scheduling, client management, and automated marketing.
Flexible Software Designed for the Service Industry. Tackle scheduling, dispatching, and invoicing with the ultimate service industry software.
Route and schedule optimization made easy. Automate your delivery route planning. Efficient outbound logistics for small and large fleets. Ensure the right technician and equipment are assigned every time
Field Promax exists to eliminate pain points, streamline processes, eliminate waste, increase velocity, and create VALUE; measurable in financial productivity. We believe that the best customers are the ones who complain; our functionality evolved from direct customer input. Better to have them than to lose the ones that silently go away. Based on this credence, every product enhancement that we deliver today originates from a customer request or feedback. This is what makes us unique.

Latest news about Field Service management software

2023. Limble raises $58M to track and maintain physical assets

Limble, a startup, which has built a platform to track various unconnected physical assets for businesses, has raised $58 million in funding. Limble takes a unique approach by developing cloud-based software that aids organizations in managing assets that still adhere to traditional practices, lacking connectivity and unlikely to change. The company focuses on a specific sector known as CMMS, or computerized maintenance management systems, offering cutting-edge software to help businesses effectively track their assets. By utilizing Limble's software, businesses can ensure that all assets are functioning optimally, utilizing schedules to proactively manage regular inspections and servicing.

2021. Youreka Labs spins out with $8.5M to provide smart mobile assistant apps to field workers

Mobile field service startup, Youreka Labs, has successfully raised $8.5 million. The company emerged as an independent entity from its parent company Synaptic Advisors, a cloud consulting firm specializing in customer relationship management transformations utilizing Salesforce, artificial intelligence, and automation technologies. Youreka Labs is dedicated to the development of robotic smart mobile assistants, empowering frontline workers to carry out their tasks with enhanced safety and efficiency. These assistants provide features such as guided procedures, intelligent forms, and the ability to capture photos or videos. Furthermore, Youreka is seamlessly integrated into existing Salesforce mobile applications like Field Service Mobile, simplifying operations for end-users who can now utilize a single mobile app for their tasks.

2021. Field-service platform ServiceTitan raises $500M

ServiceTitan, an eight-year-old startup, has experienced significant growth and is currently valued at an impressive $8.3 billion. This valuation is attributed to favorable market trends in homebuilding and energy efficiency, which have positively impacted the company's financial performance. ServiceTitan has amassed a customer base of over 7,500, with more than 100,000 technicians employed across these customers. In total, the company facilitates nearly $20 billion worth of transactions, offering a wide range of services including plumbing, air conditioning, electrical work, chimney maintenance, pest control, and lawn care. The company's success in the vertical Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) industry is unprecedented and reflects its strong market presence.

2021. Workiz raises $13M for productivity tools aimed at home services professionals

Workiz, a startup catering to small businesses in the home services sector such as locksmiths, removals companies, and large appliance repairs, has developed a comprehensive platform. This platform assists these businesses in various tasks, including job booking, team management, customer communication, billing, and data analytics. By leveraging data analytics, Workiz enables businesses to optimize their operations and enhance future performance. The company recently concluded a funding round, raising $13 million. To provide context, Workiz's direct competitor, Jobber, also secured $60 million in funding earlier this year after reaching 100,000 service professionals on its platform.

2021. BigChange raises $102M for a platform to help manage service fleets

BigChange, a startup based in the UK, has recently concluded a funding round, raising $102 million. The company specializes in developing fleet management software that enables efficient tracking and coordination of mobile workers whose workplaces are typically vehicles. BigChange has capitalized on technological advancements to create applications tailored for field service engineers and operational teams responsible for managing jobs. By leveraging these apps, workers no longer rely on phone calls, paperwork, or unnecessary trips between offices and work sites to streamline their operations. BigChange's innovative solutions have revolutionized how businesses manage and coordinate their mobile workforce.

2021. Jobber raises $60M for its platform for home service professionals

Jobber, a platform catering specifically to home services professionals, has secured $60 million in funding. Jobber's platform offers management software designed to assist sole-traders and small businesses in the home services industry. It enables them to schedule appointments, organize their calendars, handle billing and accounting, and promote their services online. With a customer base of approximately 100,000 in 47 countries and spanning 50 service segments including cleaning, electrical repairs, landscaping, and plumbing, Jobber aims to further enhance its offerings with the new funding.

2020. Salesforce beefing up field service offering with AI

Salesforce is introducing AI-powered enhancements to its field service offerings, leveraging the capabilities of artificial intelligence. One of the key additions is Dynamic Priority, which allows the machine to set repair priorities based on factors such as service agreement type and criticality, streamlining call organization and enabling dispatchers to focus on other tasks. Furthermore, Salesforce aims to provide customers with a similar experience to tracking a driver's progress in a rideshare app. The introduction of Appointment Assistant, a new application, empowers customers to track the arrival time of their assigned repair person, ensuring they are aware of when to expect them.

2020. UpKeep raises $36M to help facilities and maintenance teams go mobile

UpKeep, a mobile-centric platform designed for collaborative maintenance and operations, has recently concluded a Series B funding round, raising $36 million. UpKeep caters to maintenance workers who can be situated in diverse locations. In any maintenance task, whether it involves replacing a lightbulb in an office or fixing a complex machinery in a manufacturing facility, three key parties typically participate: the requester, the facilities manager, and the technician.

2020. Zinier raises $90M to automate field service management

Zinier, a pioneering startup in the field service management sector, has secured $90 million in new funding. The company is revolutionizing field services by introducing automation, particularly in the electricity and telecom industries. Traditionally, this sector has been slow to adopt innovations, relying on legacy systems and manual processes. While there are various players in the field service management space, including major industry giants like Salesforce and Microsoft, Zinier stands out for its cutting-edge solutions. It's worth noting that GE Digital previously acquired ServiceMax for a substantial $915 million, highlighting the growing significance of this field in the tech industry.

2019. Field management software startup Workiz raises $5M

Workiz, a startup specializing in software solutions for field service professionals, announced today that it has successfully raised $5 million in Series A funding. Workiz was developed with the intention of providing comprehensive tools for field service companies, enabling them to efficiently manage their operations. These tools encompass various functionalities such as monitoring interactions between technicians and customers, maintaining detailed records of client calls and texts, sending reminders to clients, tracking advertising expenditure and effectiveness, and processing credit card payments. Remarkably, around 52% of field services companies still rely on traditional pen and paper methods to handle their business operations, thus presenting a significant growth opportunity for Workiz. To facilitate the transition, Workiz offers complimentary onboarding assistance, allowing businesses to seamlessly adopt the software within a short timeframe of just one or two days. Furthermore, the software seamlessly synchronizes with QuickBooks or CSV files, ensuring a smooth integration process.

2019. Salesforce acquired field service software ClickSoftware

Salesforce has made an impressive acquisition by purchasing ClickSoftware, a field service software company, for a substantial amount of $1.35 billion. This strategic move aims to enhance Salesforce's field service offering, which is part of its comprehensive Service Cloud suite. By integrating ClickSoftware, Salesforce envisions not only driving the growth of Service Cloud but also fostering innovation with Field Service Lightning, ultimately better serving the evolving needs of its customers. Interestingly, ClickSoftware predates Salesforce, having been established in 1997. After going public in 2000, the company underwent a transition to private ownership in 2015 through a deal with Francisco Partners, a private equity firm that acquired it for $438 million.

2016. GE acquired cloud service management app ServiceMax for $915 million

GE Digital has acquired ServiceMax, a cloud-based field service management company, for a total of $915 million. The acquisition is part of GE's strategic focus on the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT), where it aims to leverage sensor data from IoT-connected devices. GE is actively developing the Predix Platform, a foundation upon which companies can build applications that harness this sensor data. Through this acquisition, GE aims to provide customers with the necessary data to proactively maintain complex systems, such as MRI machines, wind turbines, and airplane engines. ServiceMax CEO Dave Yarnold expresses excitement over the acquisition, emphasizing the newfound resources for his company while still maintaining its autonomy within the larger organization.

2015. Mobile workforce service Jobber secured $8M

Field service management software, Jobber, has successfully raised $8 million in funding. Traditionally, professional home and mobile service businesses have relied on desktop systems or even manual methods involving pen and paper, resulting in significant inefficiencies. Jobber offers a comprehensive solution for these companies, including mobile apps, scheduling tools, online invoicing, and customer management tools. Since its establishment in 2011, Jobber has served over three and a half million customers, processing invoices totaling over $1 billion. In the field service management sector, Jobber faces competition primarily from outdated pen-and-paper practices. Other players in this market include mHelpDesk, HouseCall Pro, Breezeworks, and vWorkApp. In the enterprise segment, larger and well-established players like ServiceMax and Bella Solutions also operate.

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