Top 10 Onilne English Learning services

Online English Learning services allow to learn English (and other languages) online or using your smartphone
Learning with Duolingo is fun and addictive. Earn points for correct answers, race against the clock, and level up. Our bite-sized lessons are effective, and we have proof that it works.
Rosetta Stone is dedicated to changing the way the world learns. The company's innovative, technology-driven language, literacy and brain-fitness solutions are used by thousands of schools, businesses, government organisations and millions of individuals around the world.
Babbel is the new way to learn a foreign language. The comprehensive learning system combines effective education methods with state-of-the-art technology.
busuu is the world's largest social network for language learning. Connect for free with native speakers worldwide on your computer, tablet or mobile.
The Memrise community uses images and science to make learning easy and fun. Learn a language. Learn anything. We make learning languages and vocab so full of joy and life, you’ll laugh out loud.
Learn a second or foreign language using the programs designed by Dr. Pimsleur. The Pimsleur method is a totally integrated language learning program.
Livemocha offers free online language learning, lessons, and other language learning activities. Our free language lessons are available in 35 languages.
Mango Languages helps them learn new languages and connect with new cultures (over 60 of 'em!). Communicate successfully with Mango's customizable language and culture training software that prepares employees and their families to interact cross-culturally. Studies have shown that the success rate of an assignment skyrockets when an assignee and their family are familiar with the language and culture of their new location.
Learn a new language today with Fluenz language learning software for Mac, PC, and iPhone. We work very hard to fulfill our ambition: design, build, and sell the world's best language learning programs.
LingQ breaks down the barriers that prevent people from learning languages. We LingQ ("link") you to a world of authentic content and an online community of learners and native speaker tutors. We LingQ you to our powerful tools and resources. (We don't LingQ you to classrooms, text books and grammar rules.) Based on TheLinguist method.
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Latest news about Onilne English Learning services

2018. Duolingo revamped its leveling system

Language learning service Duolingo has launched one of its biggest updates in recent years. The new tree leveling system now allows casual learners to move through the Duolingo skills tree just like before, while advanced learners can dig deeper into the new skills they just learned. Ideally, this means that everybody should be happy now and learn better. With this update, Duolingo is also introducing a number of new exercise types that focus on listening and pronunciation. Among those is a new set of phonetics exercises around pronouncing specific sounds, as well as a new exercise type that asks you to tap words as you listen to them. Another new exercise focuses less on specific words but instead tests your listening comprehension.

2016. Duolingo adds AI-powered chatbots to help you learn languages

Language learning startup Duolingo added a new feature that uses chatbots to help users practice conversations. The feature only works for Spanish, French and German for now but the company is planning on adding more languages soon. Start a conversation and the bot, which has a few different "personalities," will guide you through a text conversation around a particular subject. If you get stuck, the app suggests responses. And when you make a mistake the app will correct you. The conversations start out simple but get steadily more complex as you go along. The bots themselves are surprisingly adept at handling different types of conversations, responding differently to different variations for any given chat.

2015. Language learning service Babbel raises $22M

Berlin-based language learning service Babbel, which was founded in 2007, has raised a $22 million funding. The company plans to use this new round to drive further growth, especially in the U.S., where the company recently opened its first international office. Babbel, which now offers courses for learning seven 15 languages, says it has been profitable since 2011 and that its mobile app now sees up to 120,000 downloads per day. The average customers uses the service for more than 12 month, which is quite the engagement rate when compared to other mobile apps. Unlike free competitors like Duolingo, Babbel charges its users a monthly fee. Prices start at $12.95 for a monthly subscription and drop to $6.95 if you pre-pay for a year. The company actually tried to go with a freemium model early on, but it was a poor fit for what Babbel was trying to accomplish.

2015. Online language-learning service Duolingo raises $45 Million

Free language learning service Duolingo has raised a $45 million investment round led by Google Capital. Duolingo says its free language learning tool currently has over 100 million users worldwide. More people are now using it to learn languages in the U.S. than in the entire public school system, the company claims. Over 100,000 teachers have also registered for the company’s free platform for schools. “Duolingo’s mobile-­first, adaptive, and gamified platform is changing the way people are learning languages across the globe,” said Laela Sturdy, partner at Google Capital. “We were blown away by Duolingo’s growth and engagement numbers, and we’re thrilled to partner with them as they shape the future of education.”