Top 10 DLP software

December 02, 2023 | Editor: Michael Stromann

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) software is designed to safeguard sensitive information and prevent data breaches within an organization. It works by monitoring data flow across various channels, such as email, cloud services, removable media, and network endpoints, applying encryption, redaction, or access controls as needed to ensure data remains confidential and compliant with regulatory requirements.
Proofpoint allows to protect your people from advanced email attacks and identity-based threats, defend sensitive data from theft, loss and insider threats.
Complete security for all cloud applications. Use leading machine learning and UEBA capabilities to establish behavioral fingerprints for advanced risk calculation.
Govern, protect, and manage all of your data with Microsoft Purview, comprehensive solutions to help give you better visibility and control.
Comprehensive user behavior analytics software for insider threat management, data loss prevention, workplace productivity, employee monitoring & more.
Digital Guardian is a market-leading DLP, deployed via SaaS, that gives you immediate visibility into your organization’s assets, protecting critical data and IP wherever it lives
BetterCloud secures user interactions across your digital workplace. SaaS Management and Security that is customized to your business.
Veriato's AI-powered algorithm analyzes user behavior patterns and automatically alerts you to any abnormal or suspicious activity.
Protection on-premise or in the cloud built to safeguard business-critical data from data security challenges companies face today​.
InterGuard Web Filtering Software is an agent-based solution that gives you cloud-based control over your employee's endpoint – even when they work from home.
Full Cycle Insider Risk Management platform. Allows to monitor insider activity, control access, respond to incidents.
Industry-Leading Multi-OS DLP. Discover, monitor, and protect your sensitive data with Endpoint Protector, advanced multi-OS data loss prevention.
Nightfall is one trusted DLP platform to discover, classify, and protect sensitive data across SaaS and cloud apps with machine learning.

Latest news about DLP software

2023. Symmetry raises $18M to bolster organizations’ data security programs

Symmetry Systems, a company that delivers a platform enabling insight into the individuals with data access within a company and their usage patterns, has successfully secured $18 million in funding. The platform offered by Symmetry establishes essential transparency to guide the activities of developers and data teams, facilitating the identification of breaches and the automation of substantial segments of compliance reporting. Beyond just offering comprehensive insight into the data layer's security status, the platform empowers the administration of data access permissions to rectify deficiencies and pinpoint instances of unauthorized access. This capability allows human analysts and leadership to dedicate their attention to more urgent matters.

2019. Proofpoint acquires insider threat intelligence firm ObserveIT

In a strategic move to strengthen its enterprise cybersecurity portfolio, Proofpoint has successfully acquired ObserveIT, a leading threat management provider, for $225 million. With a broad global presence and a client base of 1,900 companies across 87 countries, ObserveIT offers real-time enterprise network management, alerts for suspicious activities, and aids businesses in adhering to cybersecurity-related legal requirements. Proofpoint aims to leverage ObserveIT's cutting-edge technology to enhance its data loss prevention (DLP) capabilities. By integrating ObserveIT's endpoint and data risk analytics solutions with Proofpoint's existing information classification, threat detection, and intelligence offerings, the combined forces will deliver a more robust and comprehensive cybersecurity solution to their customers.

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