Top 10 Construction Management and Collaboration software

May 19, 2023 | Editor: Sandeep Sharma

Construction software allows to manage and collaborate on construction and building projects.
Procore is a cloud-based construction management software application. The hub of construction intelligence connecting your team to the information they need.
Autodesk Construction Cloud connects workflows, teams and data at every stage of construction to reduce risk, maximize efficiency, and increase profits.
Cloud Based Home Builder & Remodeler Software. BuilderTREND brings your whole building world together in one powerful cloud system, designed especially for custom builders & remodelers.
The Construction App for the Field. It's the easiest way for foremen, supers, and engineers to access blueprints and share information without leaving the jobsite. It works seamlessly on iPhone, iPad, Android and web; connecting team members on one platform no matter where they are.
Oracle's Aconex is a solution to manage information and processes across your entire project. Get the visibility you need to spot problems and control risks that can lead to delays and cost overruns. Receive high-quality handover manuals that are compiled digitally, as-built, and as the work is completed.
Newforma is the leader in Project Information Management software for the AECO industry. Unify project data across multiple data sources.
All-in-one construction software for home building and remodeling teams ready to take their business to the next level.
The end-to-end digital workflow and collaboration solution trusted by over 1 million AEC professionals worldwide. Revu delivers award-winning PDF creation, editing, markup and collaboration technology designed for AEC workflows. Drive project efficiency by utilizing markup data across the entire project lifecycle, and streamline workflow processes to increase productivity.
Cloud-based project management for your entire organisation – bring your extended team and supply chain together.
Corecon's cloud based software suite is designed for small to mid-size engineering and construction firms to better manage their job opportunities and awarded projects. The software helps people with different roles and responsibilities work together regardless if they are at the office or jobsite. The software suite includes modules for estimating, project management, job cost control and scheduling.
The SmartUse app automatically creates hyperlinks to your detail callouts so you can navigate between sheets faster. Manipulate multiple documents more efficiently than possible with paper plans. Views as thumbnails or expand to full size. Collaborate in real-time with your team from anywhere. Instantly share markups, new revisions, RFIs, pictures, and written or audio notes.

Latest news about Construction Management and Collaboration software

2021. Bridgit secures $24M to provide construction companies with workforce intelligence

Bridgit, a company specializing in "workforce intelligence" technology for the construction industry, has successfully secured $19.4M in Series B funding. Bridgit's primary product, Bench, is a cloud-based solution specifically designed for construction workforce planning. This achievement is unsurprising, given the prevailing scarcity of labor in the industry. Bench's primary objective is to assist general contractors in effectively planning and expanding their workforce, utilizing project data to enhance bidding and staffing decisions, as well as forecasting project pipelines. Bridgit asserts that these efforts ultimately lead to heightened productivity and increased profitability.

2021. CostCertified lands $8.45M to build the Amazon for construction

In a recent seed funding round, CostCertified, a Canadian startup specializing in real-time, interactive residential construction estimates, secured $8.45 million. While currently functioning as a price configurator tool for construction, CostCertified aspires to develop a comprehensive platform comparable to an "Amazon for construction." The company enables contractors to provide homeowners with a shoppable, interactive estimate, allowing them to make selections during the project while instantly visualizing the corresponding price effects. This capability proves immensely beneficial for individuals undertaking home remodeling projects, as it streamlines decision-making by presenting a consolidated view of available options and their respective impacts on overall costs, alleviating stress throughout the process.

2021. Construction management platform Remato raises $1.7M

Small and medium-sized construction businesses in Europe and the U.S. have traditionally operated offline without utilizing digital platforms. While Procore is widely recognized as the leading platform for large general contractors, a new wave of startups is emerging to cater to the SMB construction market. These include SiteMax, Sitemate, FieldLens, and Fieldwire. Now, joining their ranks is the Remato construction management platform, which recently secured a $1.7 million seed investment round. Remato offers a comprehensive app that enables field contractors to efficiently plan and manage budgets, labor, materials, and equipment within a single interface. With a mobile-first user experience, the company has experienced steady growth of 10% to 15% month-over-month and boasts 1,700 daily active users.

2021. Autodesk uveils Build - its new Construction Management solution

Autodesk has officially launched Autodesk BuildTM, a new project and field management solution that is now accessible to users worldwide. As part of Autodesk Construction Cloud, Autodesk Build offers construction teams a comprehensive platform for managing projects, ensuring quality, safety, cost control, and efficient closeout processes. By seamlessly integrating data, workflows, and teams within a highly-configurable environment, Autodesk Build simplifies the entire construction management process. Leveraging the strengths of BIM 360 and PlanGrid, this solution not only consolidates best-in-class features but also introduces powerful new capabilities to provide immediate access to information across the entire construction team. With real-time visibility, improved collaboration, and data-driven decision making, owners, general contractors, and specialty contractors can elevate project quality, synchronize teams, mitigate risks, and achieve greater project success. The user-friendly nature of Autodesk Build makes it easy to deploy, adopt, and utilize, enhancing productivity and efficiency across construction projects.

2019. Fieldwire raises $33.5M to give PlanGrid and its new owner Autodesk a run for their money

Fieldwire, a company specializing in task management software for construction teams in commercial projects, has secured $33.5 million in Series C funding. The remarkable traction gained by Fieldwire poses a potential challenge to Autodesk, particularly concerning its acquisition of PlanGrid for $875 million last year. Fieldwire's future plans include a focus on 3D architectural drawings, which directly competes with PlanGrid. While both Fieldwire and PlanGrid offer construction productivity software, PlanGrid benefits from being under the umbrella of parent company Autodesk. Additionally, PlanGrid recently introduced the capability for users to access building information modeling data in both 2D and 3D formats.

2018. Autodesk buys PlanGrid for $875 million

Autodesk has announced its acquisition of PlanGrid for $875 million. This move aligns with Autodesk's broader vision of digitizing design across various industries. By incorporating PlanGrid into its portfolio, Autodesk aims to expedite the improvement of construction workflows for all stakeholders involved in the construction process. PlanGrid, with its impressive customer base of 12,000 organizations and 120,000 paid users, has already been utilized on over a million construction projects worldwide, as shared by both companies. The acquisition will enable Autodesk to provide a comprehensive construction solution by leveraging its existing product suite alongside PlanGrid's expertise. This partnership is expected to foster accelerated growth for the business under Autodesk's umbrella, a common advantage associated with acquisitions of this nature.

2017. Oracle buys construction management software Aconex for $1.6b

The renowned US technology company, Oracle, has made a significant acquisition by purchasing the construction software group Aconex for a total of $1.6 billion. This transaction marks Oracle's second venture into acquiring a cloud-based construction software provider. In the previous year, the company acquired Textura, a platform specializing in contract and payment management, for $663 million. Oracle then merged Textura with its own construction management software, Primavera, resulting in the formation of the Oracle Construction and Engineering Global Business Unit. The complexity of construction projects, involving various contractors, suppliers, intricate building codes, and extensive paper documentation, often leads to costly and time-consuming management challenges. Consequently, the technology industry has recognized an opportunity to address these issues. Over the past few years, several startups, including Fieldwire, PlanGrid, Net30, and UpCodes, have emerged with the goal of modernizing the construction industry.

2015. Fieldwire offers task-management app for construction projects

Fieldwire is an innovative collaboration platform designed specifically for construction workers. It comprises a website and a mobile app, prioritizing mobile accessibility. Fieldwire empowers project managers and foremen to create task lists and efficiently rank them based on priority. With its flexible nature, tasks can be easily reorganized to adapt to changing circumstances, significantly boosting workers' productivity. By providing real-time task updates, Fieldwire ensures that construction workers are well-informed about their next steps at any given moment, enhancing overall efficiency. Additionally, the platform allows workers to promptly document and address any encountered issues, expediting resolution processes. Similar to other Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) collaboration tools, Fieldwire follows a freemium model for team sign-ups. The initial three users within a team can utilize the platform for free, while subsequent users are charged $20 per person per month, offering greater control and access to premium features.

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