Top 15 Cloud Security Software

Cloud Security Software address protecting sensitive data and meeting compliance requirements in cloud apps and platforms.
Zscaler is working to make the internet safe for business. Go beyond basic internet security with our 100% cloud solution. Zero hardware and zero backhauling.
Skyhigh enables the entire Cloud Adoption Lifecycle, providing unparalleled visibility, usage analytics, and policy enforcement. Gain complete visibility into all cloud services in use and an objective risk assessment across data, business, and legal risk. Identify security breaches and insider threats, analyze usage patterns to understand demand for cloud services, and consolidate subscriptions. Seamlessly enforce security policies including encryption, data loss prevention, and coarse and granular access control
CipherCloud enables cloud adoption while ensuring security, compliance and control. Delivers comprehensive and precise visibility into all cloud applications in use and assesses their risk based on business, data & compliance criteria. Ensures all data protection policies are enforced, prevents unauthorized access, with data loss prevention, encryption, tokenization, and key management.
SafeNet delivers the breadth of solutions that enable security teams to centrally employ defense-in-depth strategies—and ultimately make sure encryption yields true security. If access controls are lacking, the efficacy of encryption can be compromised. If cryptographic keys are vulnerable, so is encrypted data.
Context-Aware Security Analytics with NetFlow. Protect Yourself with Context-Aware Security Analytics from Lancope.
Netskope is the leader in cloud based security services. Our cloud security brokers empower your business by providing complete visibility & protection. Netskope automatically discovers and gives you analytics and policy enforcement in real-time and across any app, whether you manage it or not. That’s how cloud security solutions should work.
The Elastica CloudSOC platform enables companies to confidently leverage cloud applications and services while staying safe, secure and compliant. Leveraging advanced data science and machine learning, CloudSOC taps real-time user traffic, native SaaS APIs and other data sources to provide a single pane of glass for monitoring and controlling your SaaS apps.
Vormetric addresses industry compliance mandates and government regulations globally by securing data in physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures, through: Data Encryption, Key Management, Access Policies, Privileged User Control, and Security Intelligence.
WatchDox keeps you in control, even after files leave the network. Protect your data from advanced threat, insiders and more. Encrypt and control all files persistently. Control permissions by user and role. Track and audit who accessed your files. Wipe files from any device, even after they leave the network
The leading CASB and Cybersecurity-as-a-Service provider, protecting enterprises from compromised accounts, cloud malware, and data breaches in the cloud.
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Proven Security For Cloud Applications. We can help you prevent modern attacks, comply with government and industry regulations, as well as monitor, and verify the endless human interactions with SaaS applications.
AppProtex Cloud Data Protection Gateway, Uniquely Making the Public Cloud Private. Encrypt or tokenize your sensitive data in the cloud, securely accessible from PC's and mobile devices. Discover how cloud applications are being used and analyze cloud usage reports to control risk.
Vaultive tackles the pivotal issue of cloud data protection that stands in the way of broader cloud adoption: the requirement for businesses to maintain ownership and control of their data while it is processed by and stored at cloud providers.
Voltage Security delivers data-centric security software solutions to protect data across enterprise, cloud, mobile devices, and big data environments.
Bitglass is a cloud access security broker and the leader in total data protection. We enable enterprises to migrate to SaaS applications. With cloud apps, your corporate data leaves the network. Keep cloud data secure and compliant anywhere it goes. BYOD demands a balance between security and employee productivity. Learn how MDM falls short and how Bitglass can help.

Latest news about Cloud Security Software

2016. Cisco acquired cybersecurity-as-a-Service provider CloudLock

Cisco announced it plans to acquire (for $293 million) CloudLock, a cloud-based security provider that uses APIs to let enterprises apply and monitor security on documents and other content that they share and store in cloud-based applications. CloudLock works with Office365, Google Drive, and Salesforce applications, among thousands of other apps and software. Its focus is on offering security and enforcing policies to protect documents, regardless of device used to access it, and allowing for specific controls based on location.

2015. Cisco acquired security analytics software Lancope

Cisco announced that it would acquire (for $452.5 million) Lancope, which focuses on behavior analytics, threat visibility and security intelligence to detect malicious activity on corporate networks. Lancope team will become part of the Cisco Security Business Group. The problem that Lancope solves is this: As the world becomes ever more connected and businesses are using an increasing number of devices and apps to access corporate networks — some of which are coming in by “back-door” routes unapproved by a company’s IT department — the risks for data breaches grow. The company uses systems it calls “NetFlow” and “StealthWatch” to essentially track all activity in networks in real time to look for any erratic activity. It claims to cover some 45 million hosts among its customers, which include both Cisco and HP.

2015. Microsoft acquired cloud security provider Adallom

Microsoft announced that it purchased cloud security firm Adallom. Adallom's platform provides identity-based, security-as-a-service protection for enterprise application data and content stored on third-party clouds. The company's client roster includes Hewlett-Packard (HP), LinkedIn, Netflix and SAP. In a brief statement posted to the Adallom home page, the company said that by joining Microsoft, it "will have the opportunity to help many more customers take advantage of cloud applications without compromising security." In the interim, it's business as usual for the newly acquired, 2.5-year-old firm. "We will continue to sell the Adallom solution and support our customers while we complete the integration into Microsoft."

2015. Cloud security service Zscaler raised $100 million

Security platform Zscaler, which offers a wide range of web, mobile and cloud security services for enterprises, has raised a $100 million Series B funding. That brings its valuation over $1 billion. The company says it now has more than 5,000 customers — double the number from a year ago. Its customers include the likes of Humana, NBC, ExxonMobil and the UK’s National Health Services. The company says it now protects more than 13 million employees. Zscaler’s technology sits between corporate networks (and the user’s mobile devices) and the cloud — no matter whether that’s a cloud computing service like AWS, Azure or a privately hosted OpenStack cloud, or cloud-based applications like Dropbox and Office 365. Because it inspects all traffic to these services from company-owned devices and networks, it can offer both security and compliance solutions.