Top 10 Physical Access Control systems

November 23, 2023 | Editor: Michael Stromann

Physical Access Control systems are security solutions designed to manage and restrict entry to physical spaces. Utilizing technologies like keycards, biometrics, and PINs, these systems safeguard buildings and facilities by granting access only to authorized individuals, enhancing overall security and preventing unauthorized entry.
By designing, developing and manufacturing AI-powered security solutions, Motorola's Avigilon delivers innovative products that help keep people and communities safe. From security cameras to video analytics, access control solutions and cloud services, its solutions have been installed at thousands of customer sites around the world, empowering you to proactively protect what matters most.
Verkada makes video security limitlessly smart, scalable, and simple to use.
Genetec is a unified platform for video monitoring and access control.
Brivo, cloud-based access control SaaS company, protecting lives and facilities with the best service to meet your physical security needs.
ButterflyMX offers a unified property access solution that balances security and convenience. Secure, convenient, and affordable property access for building owners, staff, residents, and visitors.
Kisi is an easy to use cloud based software to manage access to your doors. For physical access use your smartphone's mobile App or secure badges to unlock and open door
LenelS2 is the global leader in advanced physical security solutions, including access control, video surveillance and mobile credentialing
Swiftlane combines convenience and high security to ensure every community is a safe, desirable place to live. Our cloud-based end-to-end smart technology provides access to every point in a building using face recognition access, mobile access, video intercom, visitor PINs, key card access, and voice-enabled unlock.
Latch is a fully integrated hardware and software solution that's making multifamily buildings better places to live, work, and visit.
ProdataKey is defining the future of access control. Easy-to-scale systems provide maximum security, real-time updates, & more.
SALTO KS is a proptech provider offering mobile access solutions for multifamily, commercial, hospitality, and retail.
Gatewise is a mobile-based access control system designed for multifamily properties. Gatewise integrates with a handful of property management systems, including Entrata, Yardi, and Resman.
Editor: Michael Stromann
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