Zscaler is #2 in Top 10 Cloud Security Software

Zscaler is working to make the internet safe for business. Go beyond basic internet security with our 100% cloud solution. Zero hardware and zero backhauling.

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#2 in Top 10 Cloud Security Software


The best alternatives to Zscaler are: Palo Alto Prisma, Cisco Umbrella, Netskope, Okta, Symantec Web Security, Forcepoint, Fortinet

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2015. Cloud security service Zscaler raised $100 million

Security platform Zscaler, renowned for its extensive range of web, mobile, and cloud security services for enterprises, has recently secured an impressive $100 million in Series B funding, resulting in a valuation exceeding $1 billion. The company proudly announces that its customer base has doubled in the past year, surpassing 5,000 clients. Notable organizations such as Humana, NBC, ExxonMobil, and the UK's National Health Services are among Zscaler's esteemed customers. Currently, Zscaler safeguards over 13 million employees. Zscaler's technology acts as a middle layer between corporate networks (including user mobile devices) and the cloud, irrespective of whether it's a cloud computing service like AWS or Azure, a privately hosted OpenStack cloud, or cloud-based applications like Dropbox and Office 365. By thoroughly inspecting all traffic to these services originating from company-owned devices and networks, Zscaler provides comprehensive security and compliance solutions.