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Zoho WorkDrive
Zoho WorkDrive is a central document repository for all types of documents. Store and share files securely and access them anywhere anytime. Zoho WorkDrive provides a Online Workspace for documents. It makes file sharing easy and Collaborate with your friends, team members, colleagues, etc on multiple documents. Manage your document review process by creating and maintaining multiple versions of a document.

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The best alternatives to Zoho WorkDrive are: DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box

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2019. Zoho rebrands its cloud storage Zoho Docs as WorkDrive

Zoho's Docs passes on the baton to Zoho WorkDrive. WorkDrive has been designed from the bottom up to serve the needs of the team as a cohesive work unit. Team-wide collaboration, sharing, and distribution of content - from draft to final copy - is built into the product explicitly. A range of collaboration tools, such as drafting, notifications, commenting, and activity tracking, enable joint work. More than just a file storage platform, WorkDrive comes with a full-featured cloud Office Suite that includes a spreadsheet app (Zoho Sheet), a document editor (Zoho Writer), and presentation software (Zoho Show). WorkDrive offers a desktop app that lets you sync files to multiple computers, edit them offline, and perform complete or partial syncs back to the cloud. This, along with native mobile iOS and Android apps, enables work and engagement from any device or location.

2019. Zoho’s office suite got virtual assistant

Zoho is launching a major update to its core office suite products: Zoho Writer, Sheet, Show and Notebooks. These tools are getting an infusion of Zoho’s Zia AI assistant. With this, you can now ask questions about data in your spreadsheets, for example, and Zia will create charts and even pivot tables for you. Similarly, Zoho is using Zia in its document editor and presentation tools to provide better grammar and spellchecking tools (and it’ll now offer a readability score and tips for improving your text). In Zoho Notebook, the note-taking application that is also the company’s newest app, Zia can help users create different formats for their note cards based on the content (text, photo, audio, checklist, sketch, etc.).

2018. Zoho Writer gets 7 new features

Zoho Writer is getting some new features. You can now link headings to the text below by asking Writer to Keep with next. This will ensure that no breaks are inserted between the paragraphs you select. Table controls are now more granular and better organized. The new distribute options can make all your rows and cells evenly spaced in one click. The new Continue With Previous List option is perfect when you’re trying to merge two separate numbered lists—separated by a paragraph in between—into a single series. Besides, the app gets a brand-new look for your published pages, date-format customization, responsive embeds.

2018. Mobile Zoho Sheet adds real-time spreadsheet collaboration

Zoho unveiled new Zoho Sheet app for iOS and Android, that allows you to carry your spreadsheets with ease and collaborate in real time with your team, using your mobile devices. You can share your spreadsheets as Microsoft Excel, .pdf or .csv files too. Besides, the new version allows to create large data sets and sort and filter your data for an uncluttered view. Then you can bring your data alive with our vibrant range of charts. View them in full screen, choose to filter out series and analyze your charts with at most comfort and accuracy. Additionally, observe data patterns and trends with conditional formats and icon sets, on your smartphones.

2018. Zoho Writer gets offline mode

Zoho Writer can now work internet-free, so you can take your laptops to places without connectivity and continue writing uninterrupted. Writer switches to an offline mode as soon as it detects connectivity loss. You can continue editing and creating documents, or even close the tabs when you’re done, Writer saves everything automatically. Once you’re reconnected, all that work you did offline syncs to your account. On the web version, all you have to do is to enable Writer Offline from the dashboard. Twenty of your most recent documents will be taken offline straight away, and new documents you create will follow suit. Writer’s iOS and Android apps skip this setup process completely, as they come offline-enabled out of the box.

2017. Zoho introduced the all-new mobile Writer

Zoho redesigned its text editor Zoho Writer for Mobile. Writer’s iOS and Android apps get comments, better offline support, and an elegant design makeover. It’s cleaner, lighter, and more fun to use than alternatives. Writer for mobile is designed to keep you productive, even when your internet connectivity leaves you high and dry. Your 20 most recently accessed documents will always be available offline for you to view and edit. Developers also added a new Make Available Offline option to manually store important documents for offline access.

2016. Zoho takes on Microsoft Office again

Zoho launched all-new re-imagined word processing app Zoho Writer that brings the idea of creating tools that flow with your style of work, instead of forcing their style on you. The new UI follows the life cycle of a document with the help of modes. Compose mode gives  you the most space to jot down your thoughts. Create and edit your documents with contextually placed tools that cut through the clutter. Review mode lets you work with others through real-time collaboration and editing tools. Distribute mode offers the tools needed to finalize and circulate your document. Other new features include Access Receipts, WordPress integration, e-Signature Support, Lock Selected Content.

2014. Zoho Docs for Android improves file management, adds offline mode

Zoho Docs app version 2.5 for Android, (according to Zoho) is designed to take document management to the next level. Now you can share documents to and from any installed application in your phone instantly. With just a few clicks you can select the file you want to share and choose from the list of installed apps in your phone and share right away. You can also arrange files in folders on your smartphone. With the Move option, you can now easily transfer files from one folder to another and stay organized. You can also sort your documents based on name, last opened or modified details. Other new features include Cloud Print support, easy search, ability to add comments to a document on the go, offline access.

2014. Zoho Writer adds change tracking feature

Zoho Writer, the online document editor of Zoho Docs adds new feature - Track Changes, that enables the user to keep track of all the changes made to a specific document. It also allows you to accept or reject the changes made to the document. This powerful tool makes the process of commenting, editing and rewriting an easy communication process between you and your collaborators. With Track Changes turned on, every change you make to the document appears as a colored markup. It highlights each insertion, deletion, formatting change, or comment that has been made by the collaborators. You can selectively accept the edits and discard the ones that doesn’t seem appropriate.

2014. Zoho allows to edit Word docs on iPad for free

Seeing the success of MS Office for iPad, Zoho developers decided to release the own document editor Zoho Writer для iPad. Unlike Microsoft's app, which allows only view documents for free, Zoho Writer is absolutely free, and judging by the reviews it easily copes with complicated documents (with tables, lists, styles, pictures, etc. ) . Documents can be stored either in Dropbox or in Zoho's own file storage Zoho Docs. The app supports offline mode and external keyboard. However, it doesn't support real-time collaboration that is available in the online version of Zoho Writer.

2013. Zoho Docs adds desktop synchronization, more free gigabytes

We already started to worry, why Zoho don't create its own file syncing service (Dropbox for business). And finally, it happened. Like Google, Zoho added the ability to sync files to their cloud document storage Zoho Docs. So far they released only desktops-agents (for Windows, Mac, Linux), but mobile apps are probably also coming soon. As usual, you create a folder on your desktop and when you add/save a file to this folder, it's synced to your online account. And in the online version of Zoho Docs, you can select the folders you want to sync with the desktop. In addition, Zoho (following Box) significantly reduced the price of cloud gigabytes. Now the free Zoho Docs account (for unlimited users) includes 5 GB. And the paid account for 250 GB - costs 5$ per user per month. Recall that the cheapest Box account also costs $5/user/month but it offers only 100 GB.

2013. Zoho Docs 3.0: just to remind

Zoho Docs - is perhaps the oldest online office suite. For many years this service was the most functional and comfortable on the market. But its early launch and very fast development don't give it any advantage any more. The online document editors - is a battle field for Microsoft and Google. And Zoho is now an odd player that doesn't sell to Salesforce or anybody else because of its corporate values. Playing catch up with each other Microsoft and Google have already caught up with Zoho apps (if compared in features) and yesterday's launch of Zoho Docs 3.0 had nothing to impress, but just reminded that Zoho Docs is still up and running. Sharing files as a link, transferring ownership of a document, multiple admins for a workspace - these are not game-changing things. Perhaps the only remaining advantage of Zoho Docs - is the ability to assign tasks and reminders to documents.

2012. Zoho will work on top of the Google Drive

Looks like guys from Zoho are not going to create their own file storage and syncing service. Instead, they will use the product of their "friends" from Google - Google Drive. Yesterday, Zoho has launched the integration of its office suite (Writer, Sheet and Show) with Google Drive, which lets you open documents stored on Google Drive in these online Zoho apps. You just need to install Zoho editors from the Chrome Web Store, and then the integration will be enabled not only in Chrome, but in all other browsers. This integration demonstrates the potential of Google Drive as a cloud storage for third-party apps. Various project management systems, CRM, intranet solutions can use Google Drive as an external storage, which also enables file access on any mobile platform. And the third-party developers can be assured in Google's decency, because even competing Zoho apps passed the moderation.

2010. Online Office Search: Google vs Zoho

At last Google (aka Search giant) has decided to make the search in Google Apps more convenient. We can't say that until now it was bad, but if you wanted to find an email - you had to open GMail, if you wanted to find a document - you opened Google Docs, etc. Thus, to get a full view about any client or task you had to collect data from various sources. Now GMail has added a new feature called Google Apps Search that allows to the search for documents from Google Docs and pages from Google Sites right inside your inbox (you can activate this feature in the GMail Labs). Unfortunately, this search does not include results from Google Calendar and Google Notebook. Unlike Google, Zoho was more fundamental in online office search. Early this summer it released Zoho Search, which is a separate service (like google.com) that can search in all major Zoho apps. As you can see, Zoho prefers to create new services, and Google is positioning GMail, as the primary user interface for all Google Apps applications.

2009. Zoho integrates Google Docs into CRM, Projects and Email

Still, Google should think about buying Zoho. And not in order to get rid of the competitor or to utilize Zoho services, but to attract this Indian developers team that can create 10 updates, while Google's team is working on one. For example, today in Zoho integrated Google Docs into its online services. No you can upload documents from Google Docs to Zoho Docs, attach documents from Google Docs to the records in Zoho CRM and Zoho Projects, view them in the Zoho editors and send Google documents in Zoho Mail emails. Why Google has not still implemented the ability to attach their documents to emails in GMail, and pages in Google Sites - it's not clear. Why Zoho integrates Zoho Docs, though its own document editors are even better - it's quite reasonable.