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Zoho Wiki, an easy to use knowledge management tool, caters to the particular needs of teams within your organization. Now you can effectively create and share knowledge.

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#18 in Top 10 Wiki software


The best alternatives to Zoho Wiki are: Confluence, Google Sites

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2010. Zoho Wiki comes to Enterprise

Although Zoho is positioned as a SaaS vendor for small business, it doesn't forget about the enterprise customers. The new features in Zoho Wiki 2.0 primarily target large companies. First of all, that are workspaces, which are useful for creating separate wikis for company departments. Each workspace has its own administration panel, security settings and appearance (customizable at CSS level). The access control system (which is also actual for large companies) was dramatically improved. Now you can set the detailed access rights at page, workspace or wiki level for employees, user groups, domains or customers. ***

2006. Zoho Wiki brings wikis and office apps together

Zoho, an online applications company, has introduced Zoho Wiki, a web-based tool that seamlessly integrates with Zoho's suite of productivity applications. With Zoho Wiki, users can create up to three distinct wikis, each with its own custom URL and unlimited pages. For those unfamiliar with the concept, a wiki is an information repository that allows authorized individuals to read, write, and edit content. Zoho Wiki proves particularly valuable for small businesses, as it provides an efficient and easily navigable platform for creating casual project documentation or knowledge bases for products and services. While there are other web-based wiki tools available, what sets Zoho Wiki apart is its integration with sibling apps that can be embedded within wiki pages. Notably, all of Zoho's web office apps are offered free of charge. The interface for creating new wiki pages is akin to Zoho Writer, their collaborative writing app that resembles a browser-based version of Microsoft Word. Users can also seamlessly embed elements from other Zoho apps like Sheet and Show, allowing for the inclusion of spreadsheets and presentations within business-oriented references. While the WYSIWYG editing approach is generally excellent, some minor quirks may arise when pasting HTML content. Nevertheless, the customization options for color schemes and privacy controls enhance the user experience. Zoho Wiki supports three types of wiki projects: public, private, and group, the last of which is particularly beneficial for collaborative work. Users have full control over permission settings and can modify access to their wikis at any time. Zoho's commitment to developing its suite of web-based software is commendable, with new applications continuously rolling out alongside ongoing improvements to existing tools. Zoho Wiki, in particular, stands out as an application that brings all the elements together. While other Zoho apps have proven useful individually, Wiki allows users to create expansive projects without the need for external products, offering a comprehensive solution.