Zoho People is #16 in Top 18 Talent Management Systems

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Affordable On-Demand Human Resources Information System. Record all your employees basic demographic data and key HR data for government compliance & reporting.

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#16 in Top 18 Talent Management Systems

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2018. Zoho People 4.0 adds employee services portal

Zoho unveiled new version of its online HR management system Zoho People 4.0 with a new look and a host of improvements. Zoho People 4.0 introduces Services to provide employees and HR a straightforward way to manage important actions. From creating forms to adding workflows and automating them with the right permissions and approval criteria, admins can take charge of the components of the service from end to end. Include important information about these Services in the form of FAQs or additional company documents. The new Zoho People’s section Cases is a query-management tool that lets employees get their questions answered directly, while providing HR with an easy way to sort queries without sending emails back and forth or relying on multiple other channels. Besides the new version features a deeper level of customization for leave policies, advanced analytics, redesigned Self-service section and Job scheduling.

2014. Zoho People adopted integration webhooks

Human resources management system Zoho People provides API for integrating HR modules with third-party applications. The new technology in this API - Webhooks - allows to send instant notifications the very second an event is triggered.  For example, when a travel