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Last updated: December 11, 2019
Zoho Mail is an email hosting service built with the needs of a modern business in mind. It provides best-in-class features exceeding even those of desktop emailing software for business users to communicate effectively while catering to the fine-grained customization and mailbox management needs of IT administrators. Additionally the seamless contextual integration with 20+ other Zoho applications provides higher productivity & collaboration.

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#5 in Top 15 Email services


The best alternatives to Zoho Mail are: GMail, G Suite, Fastmail, Outlook, Microsoft 365, ProtonMail

Latest news about Zoho Mail

2020. Zoho TeamInbox - new collaboration tool for shared inbox

Zoho has unveiled Zoho TeamInbox, a shared inbox tool for managing group emails and enhancing team collaboration and transparency. It makes group emails accessible to the entire team in one collaborative space. Direct your emails from group email addresses like treasurer@, marketing@ to a shared inbox in Zoho TeamInbox, and give access to your team. Teams can now receive, read, and reply to emails from this shared inbox, so you will always stay in the same page. Emails can be assigned to any member, commented on, replied to, and then be closed once the task is completed—all from a single platform.

2019. Zoho Mail adds Offline mode

Zoho Mail users can now read and respond to your emails even when your Internet connection fails you. With the new Offline mode, all your recent email conversations are available offline. Zoho Mail syncs the preferred emails when online so you can read them internet-free at any time. It save your replies in your Outbox to automatically send as soon as you go back online. You can draft replies and create email templates in Offline mode, which is then synced instantly once your internet connection is back. If you're already hooked into our Desktop Lite client, you can reap the benefits of our Offline mode right from your desktop. Enable Offline mode in the client and you're good to go.

2018. Zoho Mail gets major UI update

Just a week after major GMail interface update, Zoho released new Zoho Mail 2018 with cool new design. The developers decided to help the icons in the App bar, and the Quick Actions buttons, stand out more by redesigning them and making them more colorful. For those who like the Compact view because it lets you view more emails at once, we’ve taken it a step further with the Super Compact view. The new Advanced Search helps you track down elusive content hiding in your inbox, even with the tiniest detail you can remember. With the tabs and search bar replacing the top bar, the other icons on it are shifted to the right side of your mailbox for better visibility.

2018. Zoho Mail gets desktop client

Zoho unveiled Desktop Lite client for Zoho Mail. Its interface is not remodeled exclusively for the desktop but an exact replica of the webmail version for familiarity. However, with the technical advantage of an installed application being locally hosted, this desktop lite client is a bit faster than webmail, which means less loading time while using it. Dedicated badge notifications and desktop notifications will keep you constantly updated on your emails.

2018. Zoho Mail gets Sticky notes, Email snippets

Email snippets in Zoho Mail now highlight your e-commerce based emails, if the emails have the correct schema format. So when you receive an email with the schema embedded, the email displayed to you will have dedicated icons placed in the mail listing and important details from the email highlighted in short. The developers also added sticky notes, to let you pin notes right to your mailbox, user profile enhancements for admin. The significant addition in Zoho Mail for Zoho CRM users: they can now choose default calendar to save your event invites.

2017. Zoho Mail integrates with Zoho Docs to send big files

Attaching files is really handy, but can be frustrating when you want to send them over in an email quickly. That’s why Zoho Docs and Zoho Mail are coming together to bring you a clean interface for easily attaching large files. When you save your files in Zoho Docs, you’ll be able to add videos, images, audio, or any other file type to messages sent from Zoho Mail and attach files that are up to 2400% larger than the previous limit. All you have to do is convert them to a link—an option available right inside the mail interface. 

2015. Zoho Mail gets new UI and collaboration features

Zoho unveiled the new version of its email service Zoho Mail with some unique collaboration features. First of all these are Streams, that enable conversations around individual email messages with social constructs – like tagging people, without having to forward, manage, and sort through long email threads. The new Attachment Viewer uses pictures, and neatly organizes all of your attachments by type. Now you can see and choose the one you want. You can also create a task, a note, or a calendar event, from any email message where you have the right context and relevant details. And you can now email folder without forwarding emails one by one. Zoho Mail also provides two mobile apps: first is called Zoho Mail - with mail, calendar and contacts, and second - Inbox Insight – a clever search app for your email.

2015. Inbox Insight - new search engine for Zoho Mail

Zoho unveiled Inbox Insight - a search-based email app for iOS and Android that is intended to ensure that emails that truly matter don't get buried, and important tasks don't slip through the cracks. Inbox Insight complements the traditional Zoho Mail mobile app, which users may still use to create and send emails and to browse through inboxes and folders. Instead, Inbox Insight is really a smart search box that sits atop your email. You can use it for example to find a message from about 3 months ago by searching From Charles, From January 1st to April 1st. Any search you make can be saved, so the next time you receive an email that matches that search, you will be notified about it. It’s a great way to block out all the noise and be notified only about the emails that matter to you.

2014. Zoho Mail is available for iOS and Android phones

Zoho released the long awaited native mobile app for Zoho Mail for iPhone and Android. Besides providing a sleek, intuitive and fluid interface to access your email on the run, it also includes exclusive Calendar, Contacts and Files modules – a complete email app suite. The result is an app that empowers users to maximize their productivity while on the move. The app features include customizable push notifications, quick swipe actions, reminders for emails you’d like to defer until later, powerful search, ability to work with attachments.

2014. Outlook.com ads smart filters like in GMail. Zoho Mail increases free limit to 10 users

Leading small business email services continue to delight us with new features and free options. Today Microsoft has released a major update to Outlook.com. The main new feature is smart filters that can automatically sort new emails or perform operations with them depending on different parameters. It allows even to build filters that you can't set in GMail. For example, you can set a rule that if the message is not read within 3 days, it's automatically moved to some folder. Besides you can now reply in-line to emails, remove the need to shunt to a new view to do so. Meanwhile the main Outlook.com and GMail competitor - Zoho Mail increased its free limit to 10 users. You may say that GMail and Outlook - are completely free. But it's not exactly true. Personal versions - are really free. But the business versions, which provide similar features with Zoho Mail (like own domain, admin panel) and are included in Google Apps and Office 365 respectively - cost from $5/month per user.

2013. GMail, Outlook.com, Yahoo Mail and Zoho Mail: small business email news

Over the past few days the number of interesting news came from the most popular email services for small business - GMail, Outlook.com, Yahoo Mail and Zoho Mail. First of all, last week Yahoo Mail together with website-hosting Yahoo Small Business was down for several days, and of course left a lot of small business customers mad as hornets. Now many of them are going to move to another service. And Microsoft (shortly before this event) decided to entice users from GMail and Yahoo. But, unfortunately , they began with GMail and now can't fully seize the moment. However, their new tool for importing emails and contacts from GMail to Outlook.com is already working. Google meanwhile continues to add new features to its GMail. In particular now you can download all your emails archive from Google's server to your computer. Of course it will make security-lovers happy. Besides, GMail now can safely display images in the messages. Previously, you had to click the link to view images in each message, because they were loaded from remote servers and could violate your privacy. Now GMail copies all images to its own servers and displays them by default. Zoho also made the big step forward in terms of security - added SMS-authorization. Zoho services (Email, Calendar, Docs and other apps) are perhaps better then the similar products from Microsoft and Google in terms of functionality, but Zoho lacks the reputation of the super-reliable provider as these two giants. Therefore, this two-factor authentication can greatly improve the confidence of business users to Zoho.

2011. Zoho Mail takes on GMail

As known, Zoho uses to make friends with Google. Despite the fact that both companies are developing online offices for SMB, Zoho always combines its applications with Google Apps, rather than compete with them. Zoho is the champion by the number of applications in the Google Apps Marketplace (i.e. integrated into Google Apps). And maybe that's why Zoho for a long time didn't touch the holy grail of Google Apps - email app GMail. In fact Zoho launched it's email service (Zoho Mail) almost two years ago, but it was just a personal email service. It was as functional as GMail and even allowed to use your own domain, but it had no administrative panel that allows to create accounts and manage security policies. So it couldn't be used as a corporate mail server. Now it can. But we don't think that Google will apply any political sanctions against Zoho because Zoho Mail - is no longer completely free, so won't influence Google's business much. It's free only for 3 users with 1GB mailbox limitation. After that - you have to pay $2 per month per user. At the same time, Google Apps Mail provides free version for 50 users with 7.5Gb mailboxes. But anyway Google should be beware. Because in functionality Zoho Mail even exceeds Google Apps Mail. It features: - multiple domains support - multiple accounts per user - multiple signatures, depending on the account - tags and subfolders - threaded discussions - filters - contacts (with shared folders) - antispam, antivirus (with black and white lists) - autoresponder - powerful search that can even scan attachments - mobile access (iPhone, Android, Blackberry and other smartphones) - offline mode (using Google Gears) - POP3, IMAP support - archiving and exporting messages Moreover, Zoho Mail - it's not just mail and contacts, but also super-calendar (Zoho Calendar), which is not inferior to Google Calendar and Tasks module that makes Google Tasks look like a toy. There is also the Notes section, but it's not the powerful Zoho Notebook, but a simple notes list. The value of Zoho Mail can be considerably increased by integration with other Zoho services - messenger Zoho Chat, office editors Zoho Docs, CRM system Zoho CRM ... Funny, but Zoho Mail is better integrated with Google Docs, than GMail. In particular, Zoho Mail allows to send files directly from your Google Docs account. And, as we noted, Zoho Mail now has the control panel where administrator can add / remove users and groups, assign roles, mailbox quotas, add domains, configure filters, unjust security settings.