Zoho Invoice is #7 in Top 16 Invoicing software

Last updated: August 08, 2014
Zoho Invoice is the easiest way to invoice your customers. It helps create, send and manage your invoices online. Using Zoho Invoice you can track customer payments and also accept online payments from customers. In this section let's take a quick look at some of its invoicing features

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#7 in Top 16 Invoicing software


The best alternatives to Zoho Invoice are: QuickBooks, Freshbooks, Zoho Books

Latest news about Zoho Invoice

2014. Zoho Invoice became available for Windows Surface and Windows Phone

Zoho Invoice app is now available for Windows phone and Windows Surface. It allows to manage your income and expenses on the go, just as efficiently as you would in your office: create invoices in minutes and send it to your clients with just a tap, record payments as soon as the invoice is paid, track your reimbursable expenses effortlessly, add all your contacts using your tablet or your phone, get Quick Insights from the Dashboard, track Time from your mobile device. You can track time and tasks for your projects easily by logging the time you spent on a task or by simply switching on the timer on your Windows Phone app.

2010. Zoho Invoice 2.0 becomes an online accounting app

Zoho released version 2.0 of its online invoicing service Zoho Invoice. One of the major updates is the appearance of Expenses module, so now the service can be used as an online accounting app for service companies. Of course, it lacks legal compliance, but it's a great solution for estimating, tracking time, money expenses and revenues. In addition, the latest release includes a beautiful design, multi-user access to the company account (for collaboration) and an open API, that enables to integrate Zoho Invoice with other applications. Thanks to the tighter integration with Zoho Mail you can link email history which tracks your email exchanges with your clients to the invoice. Today, Zoho Invoice - is one of the most advanced services in the market. Excellent functionality is combined with low cost: from $0 to $35 per month. Among its greatest features are fully customizable invoice templates (in WYSIWYG editor with macroses), multi-currency support.

2008. Zoho adds strong Invoice app to growing business suite

Zoho launches Zoho Invoice, yet another Web-based app in the company's growing suite of paid business-focused services. Zoho Invoice is a clean, straightforward, and flexible invoicing service. There is a good collection of attractive invoice templates for goods and services, or you can create your own. It's easy to take an estimate and convert it into an invoice, and the app has a solid template system that sends form e-mail cover letters with an invoice or estimate attached as a PDF file. The system tracks payments and has aging reports; it will send dunning letters and apply flat or percentage-rate fees for late transactions.  The app lets customers pay via PayPal, but it does not process credit cards. It supports multiple currencies and tax rates, however, this early version does not come with auto-populated tax rates for different states or regions. There will be four service levels, but they're ridiculously tightly-grouped. The most expensive will cost only $35 a month and will allow up to 1,500 invoices per period.