Zoho Inventory is #10 in Top 10 Inventory Management Software

Zoho Inventory
Zoho Inventory is a powerful order management software that takes care of your stock management, purchase and sales orders.

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#10 in Top 10 Inventory Management Software


The best alternatives to Zoho Inventory are: QuickBooks, Brightpearl, TradeGecko

Latest news about Zoho Inventory

2018. Zoho Inventory gets new Android app

Zoho unveiled all-new Zoho Inventory Android app, which handles order and warehouse management for your business on the go. Now you can add items to your inventory instantly with the mobile app, and see all the information regarding item groups and composite items. To find item details in your warehouse, use your mobile camera as a barcode scanner. Scan any item for a quick glance at its stock details. Complete the entire order fulfillment cycle within the mobile app, from creating a sales order to shipping the product. Get notified when it’s time to reorder Besides the mobile app shows you the shipment status of each of your orders with one tap.

2015. Zoho launched inventory management service Zoho Inventory

To simplify order and inventory process Zoho developed the new app - Zoho Inventory. It offers a combination of powerful features that makes the entire ordermanagement cycle as effortless as possible, integrates with Amazon, eBay, Shopify and Etsy, so you can expand your sales opportunities and also easily manage the orders from different channels. With over 25 shipping service integrations, you can receive real-time shipping rates, as well as the latest in-transit info. Receive notifications when items are running low using the automatic reordering feature. As stock comes in and out, your inventory quantities automatically update across all your selling channels. Zoho Inventory comes with a mobile app with which users can keep track of orders, inventory and shipments right from their mobile. Pricing starts at  $29 per Organization/Month.