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Last updated: July 23, 2017
Zoho Desk
Zoho Desk is the industry's first context-aware help desk software that helps businesses focus on the customer.

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Salesforce Service Cloud

Latest news about Zoho Desk

2018. Zoho Desk adds AI assistant for customer service

Service management software Zoho Desk is getting new capabilities that allow businesses to elevate agent productivity, manage cross-functional service processes, and contextually integrate customer service with other business functions. Voice and Chat Assistant: Zia helps reduce the load on customer service teams. Through Zia Voice, customers can speak or chat with Zia to receive answers from a knowledge base. Agents can also speak or chat with Zia to receive response suggestions while helping customers. Zia suggests specific sections of a knowledge-base article rather than the entire article. Agents can also speak or chat with Zia to receive response suggestions while helping customers. Zia suggests specific sections of a knowledge-base article rather than the entire article. Agents can add these suggestions to a response with a single click and send the same to the customer.

2017. Zoho Desk introduced Compact Mode, Ticket Peek, and Snippets

Zoho Desk, the service that helps customer service teams take advantage of context to improve the quality of their support, is adding more tools to take on alternatives. The new Compact Mode brings you all the functionality of the classic ticket list, but shows you nearly twice the number of tickets without navigating to a second screen. Another new feature - Ticket Peek is a lightweight response screen for agents to respond to tickets quickly. When agents ‘peek’ into a ticket, they can see all of the interactions within that ticket, as well as all of the ticket’s properties and applicable solutions. Besides, agents can now use Snippets - pre-written phrases that can be invoked in a response by hitting the Tab key.

2016. Zoho unveiled Zoho Desk - context-aware help desk software

Zoho Desk - is a new name for Zoho Support and it's not just rebranding, but the brand new customer support software that presents customer issues against the broader context of their prior activities and interactions. Agents respond better when they have contextually relevant information about their customers. Zoho Desk brings customer information from Zoho CRM right into the ticket. The system helps agents automatically prioritize support tickets based on customer interactions. Filter tickets based on criteria like due-time, status, or customer type. Team Feed saves the day when you need a little help from your friends. And you can use @mentions to bring another colleague into the conversation, or to hand off the ticket to the right person.

2014. Zoho Support integrated with Zoho Creator

Online help desk software Zoho Support is now integrated with online database tool Zoho Creator. The integration enables to create, update or fetch information from Zoho Support to Zoho Creator. To suit your business process, you can build custom modules for the Zoho Support application. You could even bring information into your Zoho Creator custom app to build reports and collaborate with other users. For instance, in your Zoho Creator Order Management app.  Your customers can report complaints and a ticket will instantly get created in Zoho Support. The agent can even access the order details empowering him with the relevant information.

2010. Zoho launched Helpdesk-service Zoho Support

Zoho has finally added a Helpdesk service to its SaaS suite. We say finally, because the helpdesk sphere - is primary for Zoho. After all, this company has earned its major money thanks to ManageEngine ServiceDesk. And the new service Zoho Support probably will be also successful. For now it's perhaps the most feauture-rich SaaS Helpdesk on the market. It includes ticket system, knowledge base, customer portal, e-mail integration, contacts/companies base (integrated with Zoho CRM), product and SLA catalogs, workflow-engine (for ticket-processing automation), dashboard, alerts (via email and sms), analytical reports, access control system, powerful customization options. And all this (as usual for Zoho) - for low price or free of charge. The free version provides basic functionality for ticket and contact management and is limited to 25 requests per day. It's quite enough for small business. Pro-version costs $12/month per user (support specialist). Tickets can be created automatically from submitted web-form (on the customer portal), or from the email-message, or entered manually if client calls by phone. You can set rules for the automated ticket distribution among support specialists depending on their load and SLA-contract conditions. Each ticket has comments where you can discuss it with co-workers. There's even a built-in time tracker for those cases where a company charges for support. For customers Zoho Support offers a convenient customer portal where they can access the knowledge base and may solve their problems without contacting support. And if customer submitted request, he can monitor its status in a private account.