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Zoho Desk is the industry's first context-aware help desk software that helps businesses focus on the customer.

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#5 in Top 10 Helpdesk software


The best alternatives to Zoho Desk are: Zendesk, Freshdesk, Salesforce, JIRA, SpiceWorks, Zoho CRM, ManageEngine

Latest news about Zoho Desk

2018. Zoho Desk adds AI assistant for customer service

Service management software Zoho Desk is introducing new capabilities to enhance agent productivity, streamline cross-functional service processes, and seamlessly integrate customer service with other business functions. One of the notable features is the Voice and Chat Assistant, powered by Zia. Zia assists in reducing the workload on customer service teams by providing voice and chat-based interactions. Customers can engage with Zia to ask questions and receive answers from a knowledge base. Similarly, agents can leverage Zia's assistance to receive response suggestions while assisting customers. Zia intelligently suggests specific sections of relevant knowledge-base articles, enabling agents to easily incorporate them into their responses with a single click, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in customer interactions.

2017. Zoho Desk introduced Compact Mode, Ticket Peek, and Snippets

Zoho Desk, the service that empowers customer service teams to enhance the quality of their support through contextual information, is expanding its range of tools to compete with alternative solutions. The new addition called Compact Mode offers all the functionalities of the classic ticket list while displaying nearly double the number of tickets without requiring navigation to a separate screen. Another noteworthy feature, Ticket Peek, presents agents with a streamlined response screen, enabling them to swiftly address tickets. When agents "peek" into a ticket, they gain visibility into all the interactions associated with that ticket, along with its properties and relevant solutions. Additionally, agents now have access to Snippets, which are pre-written phrases that can be quickly inserted into a response by pressing the Tab key.

2016. Zoho unveiled Zoho Desk - context-aware help desk software

Zoho Desk is not just a rebranding of Zoho Support; it is an entirely new customer support software that offers a comprehensive view of customer issues within the context of their previous activities and interactions. Having relevant contextual information about customers allows agents to provide better responses. Zoho Desk seamlessly integrates customer information from Zoho CRM into support tickets, enabling agents to have all the necessary details at their fingertips. The system also assists agents in automatically prioritizing support tickets based on customer interactions. Additionally, the software provides ticket filtering options based on criteria such as due time, status, or customer type. When additional assistance is needed, the Team Feed feature comes to the rescue, allowing users to seek help from their colleagues. Moreover, the @mentions feature allows for easy collaboration by involving another colleague in the conversation or assigning the ticket to the appropriate person.

2014. Zoho Support integrated with Zoho Creator

Zoho Support, an online help desk software, has now been integrated with the online database tool Zoho Creator. This integration enables the seamless creation, updating, and retrieval of information between Zoho Support and Zoho Creator. To align with your business processes, you have the flexibility to construct custom modules for the Zoho Support application. Additionally, you can incorporate data from Zoho Support into your custom app in Zoho Creator, allowing you to generate reports and collaborate with other users. For example, within your Zoho Creator Order Management app, customers can submit complaints, instantly generating a support ticket in Zoho Support. Agents can then access the order details, empowering them with the necessary information to address the issue effectively.

2010. Zoho launched Helpdesk-service Zoho Support

Zoho has finally added a Helpdesk service to its SaaS suite. We say finally, because the helpdesk sphere - is primary for Zoho. After all, this company has earned its major money thanks to ManageEngine ServiceDesk. And the new service Zoho Support probably will be also successful. For now it's perhaps the most feauture-rich SaaS Helpdesk on the market. It includes ticket system, knowledge base, customer portal, e-mail integration, contacts/companies base (integrated with Zoho CRM), product and SLA catalogs, workflow-engine (for ticket-processing automation), dashboard, alerts (via email and sms), analytical reports, access control system, powerful customization options. And all this (as usual for Zoho) - for low price or free of charge. ***

2010. Zoho launches SaaS Helpdesk, pushes its SaaS marketplace

As we know, Zoho (before it became the SaaS-giant) has developed ManageEngine ServiceDesk, which is still one of its main revenue sources. Therefore, the lack of Service Desk tool in Zoho's SaaS suite was pretty strange. Today, Zoho decided to fix this issue and kill two birds with one stone. Two years ago Zoho launched Zoho Creator Marketplace that allows to build online apps in visual designer (in Zoho Creator) and sell them to Zoho users. So, now to draw attention to this marketplace, Zoho launched Zoho Creator Helpdesk - the helpdesk system for small business, created in Zoho Creator. ***