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Zoho Calendar
Zoho Calendar allows you schedule, manage and track your meetings and events. Groups and teams can easily share their planned activities so everyone is on the same page, and with Zoho Calendar's powerful sharing controls, you can share only what you want to. In addition, Zoho Calendar also gives you an unified view across many Zoho Apps, from Zoho CRM appointments to Zoho Projects deadlines.

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#18 in Top 19 Productivity software


The best alternatives to Zoho Calendar are: Google Calendar, Outlook

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2021. Zoho unveiled new and improved Zoho Calendar

Zoho has unveiled the all-new Zoho Calendar with a completely overhauled interface and new features. It is a unified calendar that will make scheduling easy for you across all Zoho apps. The features like the Smart Add and App calendars, are brought into a clean, more intuitive interface to help your teams manage your schedules more easily. Besides adding a completely fresh look, the new interface offers modern display themes and a dark mode for the night owl in you. The new features include secondary time zone, advanced event search and resource booking, which gives you an overview of all the conference rooms in your office along with the resources and facilities in each room..

2010. Zoho Calendar - the best online calendar in the market

Today, Zoho updated its Zoho Calendar and released it out of beta. And Zoho's chief evangelist, Raju Vegesna, called this service the best online calendar in the market. Given that he is a modest person, and Zoho never promoted its products with loud statements, perhaps, this is true. At least, this service is no worse than Google Calendar, simply because it's a complete clone of Google Calendar. Zoho Calendar allows to create multiple calendars, share them (with different access levels), set reminders (by email, RSS), send invitations, embed public calendars on your site / blog. It has a plugin for Outlook (for synchronization), mobile version and supports offline access with Google Gears. Calendars can be synchronized with external services via ICAL protocol. And of course, Zoho Calendar is tightly integrated to other Zoho services (CRM, Projects, Planner, Mail, Chat).