Zoho Analytics is #22 in Top 10 Business Intelligence software

Zoho Analytics
Zoho Analytics (previously, Zoho Reports) is a self-service BI and data analytics software that lets you create visually appealing data visualizations and insightful dashboards in minutes.

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#22 in Top 10 Business Intelligence software


The best alternatives to Zoho Analytics are: Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, Google Analytics

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2021. Zoho Analytics 5.0 uses AI and ML to assist you in getting insights from your data

Zoho has introduced an updated version of its self-service BI & analytics platform, Zoho Analytics. This enhanced version now incorporates Zoho DataPrep, a cloud-based service that augments data preparation and management capabilities. Additionally, Zoho Analytics Embedded BI empowers independent software vendors (ISVs) and developers to seamlessly integrate Zoho Analytics into their own product or solution offerings. The introduction of Zoho Analytics Marketplace enables partners and third-party vendors to create analytics applications on top of Zoho Analytics and market them through the Zoho Marketplace. The updated version also includes Zoho Analytics Native Apps, which are applications developed by Zoho and natively embedded within third-party apps, making them readily available in their respective marketplaces. With the integration of the AI assistant Zia, users can engage in natural language conversations with Zia, eliminating the need to learn complex SQL querying. This allows users to obtain relevant reports and receive the necessary answers in a conversational manner.

2018. Zoho Analytics got AI-powered Assistant

Zoho Analytics now incorporates Zia, an AI-powered intelligent assistant. With Zia, you can effortlessly ask questions in natural language, such as "Provide me with support tickets received this month, categorized by product and region" or "Give me sales data by country and channel." Zia translates these inquiries into complex SQL queries in the backend and suggests multiple relevant reports. You can save the most suitable suggestion directly as a report. Additionally, the new version of Zoho Analytics streamlines data analysis across various applications, enabling the creation of interactive reports and dashboards. It accurately predicts future trends based on historical data. Furthermore, Zoho Analytics introduces seven new connectors for popular business apps. Each connector includes over 100 pre-built reports and KPI dashboards specific to different domains, offering immediate benefits to users.