Zangi is #11 in Top 11 VoIP services

Zangi provides a messenger platform on top of which you can build your business solution. The variety of features are added to Zangi platform to build any type of communication and collaboration solution. High-quality features are provided to build secure, private and independent messaging apps in a short period of time.

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#11 in Top 11 VoIP services

#21 in Top 22 Messengers


The best alternatives to Zangi are: Skype, Viber

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2013. Zangi wants to defeat Skype

Today Skype turns 10 years. Already 10 years Skype is the most popular service for VoIP / video calls. But one day the One will come and defeat Zangi. Maybe it will be Google Hangouts, or Viber, or Tango, or ooVoo, or Nimbuzz. And maybe - the new startup - Zangi, that will launch globally in October. What is the brilliant idea of Zangi? They want to create really unified communications tool that can connect two people, no matter where they are, what device they use and what connection they have. Unlike Skype, that works only via Internet, Zangi allows to connect via GSM (using call-back). In addition, it allows to send SMSĀ  and support calls via browser (web interface). Unlike Viber, Zangi allows you to make video calls.