X.ai is #8 in Top 12 Virtual Assistants

x.ai is an artificial intelligence driven personal assistant who schedules meetings for you. You interact with it as you would to any other person – and it will do all the 
tedious email ping pong that comes along with scheduling a meeting.

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#8 in Top 12 Virtual Assistants


The best alternative to X.ai is Clara

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2016. Personal assistant X.ai raised $23m

Startup X.ai, which developed Amy, the bot that helps you arrange meetings with other people has raised $23 million. The funding will be used to take X.ai from a closed and free beta to a commercial product, and the startup also plans to hire more data scientists and other engineers. X.ai was built around the premise that it should live on the platform that is the main one used today to arrange in-person and virtual meetings — email. When you want to make a plan to speak or meet with someone, you copy in Amy. If it’s an in-person meeting, that bot will start to suggest places to meet and times to meet. If you’ve used Amy before, she will start to learn about whether you are a Starbucks or Blue Bottle type, or if you prefer knocking one back with your contact at the local pub. Once a meeting is set, it is added into whatever calendar you use.