Visa Checkout is #15 in Top 20 Payment Processing services

Last updated: July 22, 2014
Visa is making it easier to pay with your card online. Simply create an account once and speed through checkout without having to re-enter payment or shipping information wherever you see Visa Checkout.

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#15 in Top 20 Payment Processing services


The best alternatives to Visa Checkout are: Amazon Pay, PayPal, Stripe

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2014. Visa rebrands to Visa Checkout

Visa wants to make the process of paying for goods on your phone or iPad as easy as swiping your credit or debit card at an offline retailer. To do so, it’s adapting to Internet retail with the launch of Visa Checkout, a new payment option that will allow users to speed through the online checkout process in just a few steps. Visa is introducing a username and password system for making payments, which would eliminate the need to enter a 16-digit credit card number. With Checkout, users simply select the Visa Checkout button on the merchandise page and enter a username password and select their card. Visa then automatically fills the payment form with their credit card and shipping information. PayPal has offered a similar payment option for years, and more recently Amazon launched a competing payment button.