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2023. Twitter looks to bring advertisers back with expanded Ad features

Twitter, now referred to as X, has revealed a new collaboration aimed at enhancing brand safety protocols for advertisers on the platform. This initiative follows a decline in ad revenue due to brands suspending advertising on X after their ads were displayed alongside Nazi content. In partnership with ad-tech company Integral Ad Science, X will introduce additional advertising tools designed to enable advertisers to effectively separate their content from undesirable keywords and handles, boasting a success rate of over 99%. Advertisers will have the flexibility to select standard or conservative sensitivity settings to filter out specific content types such as sexual content, targeted hate speech, obscenity, and drugs. Additionally, an automated blocklist feature will empower advertisers to prevent their brands from being associated with particular keywords on the "For You" and "Following" pages.

2016. Twitter invented sponsored stickers for brands

Twitter has introduced its first set of branded stickers, with Pepsi being the initial partner in an undisclosed agreement. This collaboration enables Twitter users to apply stickers created by the popular beverage company onto their photos. When users post these photos with the stickers, a hashtag associated with Pepsi appears within the tweet. This makes the tweet discoverable by Pepsi, potentially leading to further promotions or competitions. Simultaneously, this innovative approach helps promote the brand in a unique manner on Twitter. Brands have the opportunity to design sets of four or eight stickers, resembling accessories or other props, for users to incorporate into their own photos. When users share these photos adorned with the brand's stickers, they are visible to all of the user's followers. This enables brands to be showcased by their fans in an authentic and genuine way, offering a new dimension of exposure on Twitter.

2015. Twitter launched Mobile Ads Manager

Twitter has officially introduced its new mobile Ads Manager, enabling users of Twitter's smartphone applications to monitor the performance of their ad campaigns while on the move. The Ads Manager provides valuable insights such as impressions, engagements, spend, cost per engagement, and engagement rate. Although the feature is designed for mobile usage, it does not currently support the creation of ad campaigns directly from smartphones. Instead, users are required to initiate their campaigns on the web using a desktop or laptop computer. This approach differs from Facebook's recent release of the dedicated Facebook Ads Manager App, which allows advertisers to both track the performance of existing campaigns and create new ones seamlessly using a mobile device.

2015. Twitter Ads gets Google DoubleClick integration

Twitter has announced a collaboration with DoubleClick's bid manager, allowing advertisers to streamline their ad buying process. Through this partnership, ad agencies and buyers can now conveniently purchase ad inventory on various websites, including Twitter Promoted Tweets, from a single interface. By enabling the purchase of Twitter ads through one of the world's most popular tools, Twitter aims to enhance its revenue generation, which is particularly crucial considering the recent missed revenue estimates. Additionally, Twitter aims to strengthen advertiser confidence in the effectiveness of its direct response commerce ads by working closely with DoubleClick to accurately measure the impact of clicks or actions on Twitter that lead to purchases or conversions. This upcoming program, set to launch later this year, will enable advertisers to attribute purchases to Twitter ads across platforms, irrespective of whether the ad views or purchases occurred on the web or mobile devices.

2014. Twitter launches Promoted Video ads

Twitter has commenced beta testing for a new feature called Promoted Video, designed specifically for brands seeking to upload and distribute their videos across the Twitter network. With this feature, advertisers will only incur charges when a user initiates video playback. Promoted Video builds upon the foundation of the Twitter Amplify program, which was previously geared towards prominent media companies such as ESPN, NFL, McDonald's, American Express, BBC, and Viacom, to name a few. Twitter acknowledges the immense popularity of videos on its platform, as evidenced by the positive engagement and increased views observed through the newer Twitter Video Card. In conjunction with the beta launch of Promoted Video, the company is also streamlining the campaign setup process for advertisers by introducing ads based on a Cost Per View (CPV) buying model.