Trellix is #7 in Top 10 XDR software

Revolutionary Threat Detection and Response platform. Reduce time to detect and respond to cyber attacks with the most open and comprehensive AI-powered platform and XDR

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#7 in Top 10 XDR software


The best alternatives to Trellix are: McAfee MVISION, CrowdStrike, Microsoft Defender for Cloud, SentinelOne, Skyhigh, VMware Carbon Black, Sophos, Fortinet

Latest news about Trellix

2022. McAfee Enterprise and FireEye are now called Trellix

In March, Symphony Technology Group (STG) acquired McAfee Enterprise for $4 billion, followed by the purchase of FireEye for $1.2 billion in June. After the merger of the two cybersecurity firms was completed in October, they were rebranded as Trellix. The new entity will concentrate on threat detection and response using machine learning and automation. Taking inspiration from the humble trellis, Trellix aims to develop "living security," a security technology that learns and adapts to safeguard operations from advanced threat actors. While Trellix encompasses most of McAfee Enterprise's offerings, the secure service edge portfolio, including cloud access security broker, secure web gateway, and zero trust network access, will be separated later this quarter.

2020. FireEye acquires AI security expert Respond Software for $186M

Cybersecurity firm FireEye has completed the acquisition of Respond Software, a company specializing in assisting customers with security incident investigations and analysis, while reducing the dependency on highly skilled security analysts, who are often in short supply. FireEye was particularly interested in Respond's Analyst product, which will be integrated into its Mandiant Solutions platform. Similar to many companies in the industry, FireEye is leveraging machine learning to enhance its solutions and introduce automation in data analysis, enabling the identification of real security issues and the elimination of false positives. The acquisition provides FireEye with an immediate infusion of machine learning-driven software.