Top 3 Toopher alternatives

Last updated: April 04, 2015
Toopher defeats online fraud using the location-awareness of a mobile device to automatically verify a user is where their identity is being used. The phone doesn’t even leave your pocket.

The best Toopher alternatives:

Duo Security

Google Authenticator


Latest news about Toopher

2015. Salesforce acquired mobile security startup Toopher

Salesforce has acquired Toopher, the location-based multifactor authentication solution. Unlike “old school” two-step authentication, which is often required when using apps like Facebook, Google, Outlook, Dropbox and Evernote, Toopher automates the second step when you’re in a safe, secure and known location such as your home or office. It’s able to do this via a GPS feature. This way “you're only bothered when a login is out of the ordinary — like when you're in a new location or being hacked,” notes Toopher’s write up in the Google Play store. From an end user’s perspective, it’s a brilliant, non- intrusive way to help you protect yourself from online fraud. For a company like Salesforce that wants to provide secure, seamless mobile experiences for its customers, it could be a gem.