Tiki Wiki is #12 in Top 10 Wiki software

Tiki Wiki
Tiki is the Free/Libre/Open Source Web Application with the most built-in features. So whatever feature you can imagine running in your browser window, chances are Tiki does it. Knowledge base: Wiki, FAQs, File gallery, Photo Album, Tags, Search, Kaltura video management integration, etc. Collaboration/Project Management: Wiki, Forums, Tasks, Permissions, Timeline, Proposals/Votes, Blog, Categories, Watch, etc. Publishing/web site: News articles, Blog, RSS, Newsletter, Maps, Themes, Banners, WYSIWYG, SEO, etc.

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#12 in Top 10 Wiki software


The best alternatives to Tiki Wiki are: DokuWiki, Mediawiki, Confluence, XWiki, Mediawiki