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Last updated: August 17, 2010
Teamly is a tool that helps businesses and individuals to improve their performance in the workplace. It helps people move beyond their mile-long to-do list and focus instead on what’s truly important.

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G Suite

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2010. Teamly clarifies team collaboration

It seemed that nothing new could be invented in online task manager. Employees create tasks for themselves and for co-workers and then control their status. Everything is simple. But in practice, this classical scheme causes several problems: 1. Not all employees like the task management service for planning of their tasks (for example, many of them prefer notepad), and they use it just to make the boss happy 2. Users add a lot of tasks and then (for a long time) looking at this list and thinking what to start with ... and then just go to drink coffee 3. Manager looks at the long task-lists of his employees and doesn't understand how quickly his project proceed. In the best case he can evaluate the staff effectiveness by the number of completed tasks The new startup Teamly solves these problems very simply . In Teamly you can't create tasks. You can only create priorities (for yourself or your co-workers). Priorities can be created only for today, tomorrow, this week, next week, this month and next month. And you can not create more than 5 priorities for each of these periods. Each priority can have one of the statuses: new, started, completed, canceled. So: 1. Every employee sees his priorities and can manage all minor task in the way he likes. Even if he does not like Teamly and uses it only to suite the boss - adding 5 priorities will not take a lot of his time 2. Having only 5 or less priorities, the employee becomes more straightforward and doesn't spend much time thinking about what to do 3. Manager sees a clear picture of every employee work (Teamly even provides the activity stream, which includes every priority status change) Besides each priority allows to add comments and notifications are send by email. Thus, the employee can discuss any priority with the manager or colleague. At the moment Teamly is in beta stage and is free to use.