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Last updated: January 02, 2020
Tamr enables enterprises to use 100% of available data for business intelligence and analytics by unifying and enriching their vast reserves of valuable data. Tamr’s data unification platform catalogues, connects and curates hundreds or thousands of internal and external data sources through a combination of machine learning algorithms and human expert guidance – radically reducing the cost, time and effort of preparing data for analysis.

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2015. Data transformation service Tamr raised $25.2 million

Tamr, the startup that helps companies understand and unify all of the disparate databases across a company, announced a $25.2 million Series B round today. Tamr wants to have the same impact on the enterprise that Google had on the web. Instead of having an algorithm that goes out and finds web pages, the Tamr algorithm goes out and finds databases. The problem for larger companies today is that they have all of these databases and have no idea what data they have. Not knowing what you have is a dangerous situation because data can walk out the door and the company will have no idea it happened. Tamr can create a central catalogue of all these data sources (and spreadsheets and logs) spread out across the company and give greater visibility into what exactly a company has. This has value on so many levels, but especially on a security level in light of all the recent high-profile breaches.