TIBCO tibbr is #13 in Top 16 Enterprise Social Software

Last updated: January 26, 2020
The enterprise collaboration platform with 360-degree view of people, discussions, tasks, and content via mobile, web and apps.

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#13 in Top 16 Enterprise Social Software


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2012. tibbr GEO - Augmented reality in enterprise social network

Tibbr - is one of the enterprise twitter-clones, created by Tibco. And it has to compete with such services as Yammer, Salesforce Chatter, IBM Connections, NewsGator and dozens of others. In these circumstances - it's not enough to make a quality product - you need to jump over your head. That's what Tibco is doing. The new feature - Tibbr GEO - is an enterprise geo-location service with augmented reality elements. How does it work? Imagine doctor coming to patient's room - he takes out his smartphone, opens Tibbr and sees the history of messages about this patient, posted by his colleagues. Or airport agent coming to a gate sees that it's closed - he opens Tibbr, and finds out that the flight was moved to another gate. Or engineer comes into the work shop, looks at the machines through his smartphone and sees that one machine has low oil, and another has broken part. Its interesting, that objects checked-in by any employees in the geo-service - become the social network participants, and one can subscribe to their updates. For example, the engineer can subscribe for updates of the broken machine, and will receive a notification as soon as it's repaired.

2011. TIBCO tibbr - social network as a center of IT infrastructure

More and more large IT vendors engage into social software business. According to the rumors, Microsoft will soon release its microblogging tool OfficeTalk that has been under development for a year. And another big software company Tibco today has launched its social intranet solution tibbr. It's another Facebook for Enterprise clone, but with unique features that make tibbr, perhaps, the most complete solution for large companies. First, tibbr is the most powerful social aggregator. It allows you to follow not only co-workers messages, but also any updates in enterprise IT systems (e.g. ERP, CRM ...), in RSS-flows and external social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn ...) . Because the main Tibco's areas of expertise - are SOA and BPM systems. I.e. this company is one of the best in integrating business applications and data sources. Therefore, tibbr by default provides integration with many enterprise systems (Oracle, SAP, Salesforce, IBM ...). User can easily configure the required information flows - for example, subscribe project status updates or to new orders that exceed a certain amount. Something like that we saw in Salesforce Chatter, but Chatter only works in Salesforce ecosystem, and tibbr can work in any IT infrastructure. Another tibbr's killer feature  - is social business intelligence. In combination with the BI application Tibco Spotfire, tibbr allows you to create intelligent flows of information that contain less noise and more useful signals. In addition, tibbr provides all necessary enterprise features: Active Directory support, mobile apps for Android, BlackBerry and iOS, in-house version, in addition to SaaS, extensive administration capabilities. tibbr costs $12 per month per user.