StrongLoop is #12 in Top 12 IDE Software

Last updated: October 05, 2019
Built on top of the open source LoopBack framework, StrongLoop allows you to visually develop REST APIs in Node and get them connected to your data.

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#12 in Top 12 IDE Software


The best alternatives to StrongLoop are: New Relic, Parse

Latest news about StrongLoop

2015. IBM acquired Node.js API development platform StrongLoop

IBM has acquired StrongLoop, a startup that builds application development software for enterprises using the open source JavaScript programming language Node.js. This in turn enables enterprises to build mobile and cloud-based apps equipped with APIs to integrate with each other and handle high volumes of data between mobile, web and Internet-of-Things apps. IBM says it will be integrating StrongLoop’s Node.js features into its wider software portfolio to sit alongside MobileFirst and WebSphere. The main benefit of adding a Node.js development framework is to address a demand from enterprises who are interested in building apps with APIs that can handle large amounts of data and also connect on the back-end with other enterprise applications.