SteelBrick is #13 in Top 16 Invoicing software

Last updated: December 28, 2015
SteelBrick offers Quote-to-Cash software, including CPQ (Configure Price Quote), Billing, and Analytics, all native on Salesforce. Aquired by Salesforce

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#13 in Top 16 Invoicing software


The best alternatives to SteelBrick are: Apttus, Zuora, Freshbooks

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2015. Salesforce acquired quote-to-cash vendor SteelBrick

Salesforce has picked up quote-to-cash vendor SteelBrick for $360 million. Quote-to-cash, as the name implies, is the part of the sales cycle that takes over once you have an interested customer. While CRM tools like and Microsoft Dynamics provide a way to maintain the basic customer record, a service like SteelBrick helps you put together a quote, sign a contract when the customer has decided to buy, and take care of billing once the deal is done. It’s worth noting that the SteelBrick solution also includes invoicing with Invoice IT, the company SteelBrick purchased in September and renamed SteelBrick Billing. The entire solution is a particularly good fit because SteelBrick is built on the Salesforce App Cloud platform, meaning that it already works smoothly with Salesforce CRM.