SpiceWorks is #3 in Top 18 IT Service Desk software

Last updated: December 08, 2019
Spiceworks bundles network monitoring, helpdesk, UPS power management, PC inventory tools, an online community, and much more. All in one spot. All for free.

Positions in ratings

#3 in Top 18 IT Service Desk software

#5 in Top 31 IT Monitoring software


The best alternatives to SpiceWorks are: SolarWinds, Zendesk, Freshdesk, Zabbix, Nagios, PRTG, OSticket, JIRA

Latest news about SpiceWorks

2014. TeamViewer integrated with Spiceworks

Remote support tool TeamViewer is now integrated with IT Help Desk service combined with IT community Spiceworks. From now users (support agents) are able to create and join support sessions directly from the Spiceworks help desk. Customers can connect with a simple click. An overview of current Spiceworks sessions is available in the TeamViewer Management Console and TeamViewer client. Connection reports are added to the corresponding ticket. Spiceworks is used by more than 5 million IT professionals to connect with one another, manage technology environments and learn about the latest technology products and services.

2010. SpiceWorks combines Service Desk, online-community and Marketplace

SpiceWorks - is an IT infrastructure management system for small businesses. It's currently being used by over 1,000,000 IT professionals. And one of the main reasons is that it's. The freemium model is absolutely fair as the advertising banner is displayed in the software web interface. But the most interesting thing about SpiceWorks - is an in-built community for IT professionals, which allows admins to solve many problems with the help of crowdsourcing. The community includes forum where you can ask for advice, groups for communication or collaboration, wiki with useful how-to articles and ratings of hardware and software with reviews. And, of course, this community is an excellent environment for running Marketplace, where IT vendors can promote their products (post special offers, news, articles) and communicate with their target audiences - IT professionals. Although SpiceWorks requires software installation it works in a browser (it contains an in-built web server). The system is able to scan the local network and monitor the work of devices and software in it. If something happens, the system notifies the admin by email, Twitter or mobile client alert. Although SpiceWorks works only on Windows, it can monitor Mac / Linux computers in the network. Of course, SpiceWorks contains Service desk to manage IT assets and control user requests. The system allows you to set ticket handling rules, assign ticket owner and collaborate on tickets. Users can add requests by email or on the User Portal.