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Skyhigh enables the entire Cloud Adoption Lifecycle, providing unparalleled visibility, usage analytics, and policy enforcement. Gain complete visibility into all cloud services in use and an objective risk assessment across data, business, and legal risk. Identify security breaches and insider threats, analyze usage patterns to understand demand for cloud services, and consolidate subscriptions. Seamlessly enforce security policies including encryption, data loss prevention, and coarse and granular access control

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#9 in Top 10 Cloud Security Software


The best alternatives to Skyhigh are: Zscaler, Netskope, Trellix, McAfee MVISION

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2017. McAfee acquires cloud security startup Skyhigh Networks

McAfee, a renowned cybersecurity company, has recently completed the acquisition of Skyhigh Networks, a leading provider of cloud security solutions. This acquisition reflects the ongoing trend of consolidation within the security industry, where smaller players are joining forces with larger organizations to offer a comprehensive range of security services. This strategic move aligns with the growing importance of cybersecurity, as malicious hacking poses a significant threat not only to businesses but also to individuals. With the increasing digitization and migration of personal and sensitive data to the cloud, it becomes crucial to protect this information from both criminals and malicious actors. By acquiring Skyhigh Networks, McAfee aims to enhance its expertise in cloud security, complementing its existing strengths in endpoint security. This integration of capabilities will enable McAfee to provide customers with comprehensive protection across various security domains, addressing the evolving challenges of the digital landscape.