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Last updated: August 10, 2012
Empower your workforce, stay connected and be more productive with enterprise social collaboration tools and HR self-service solutions from Sitrion. We help employees to get their jobs done better every day. In a complex enterprise world, we enable an engaged workforce to stay connected, make smart decisions, and be productive.

The best Sitrion alternatives:


IBM Connections

Salesforce Chatter

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2012. NewsGator Social Sites 3.0 allows to personalize activity streams

NewsGator has recently found itself in the interesting situation. Several years ago, the company became the privileged partner of Microsoft to bring social features to SharePoint. Its SharePoint add-on - NewsGator Social Sites has become one of the most successful enterprise social tools thanks to the Microsoft's most fast-growing business product. But this year the green channel was closed. Microsoft suddenly acquired NewdGator's competitor - Yammer. Besides, in the new version of SharePoint 2013 Microsoft is going to greatly improve the social features (activity streams, recommendations, etc.) that can make third-party social add-ons needless. So NewsGator is trying to survive and releasing a new version - NewsGator Social Sites 3.0. What's new in it? First of all, is the Windows 8 style interface - that supports touch-screen tablets. And not only Windows-tablets, but also the iPad. Yammer doesn't have such interface yet. The second (and the main) innovation - is an ability to personalize the social feeds. NewsGator developers are saying that the main problem of enterprise social networks - is too much information that the user has to check in the updates stream. Moreover, not all this information is relevant and important for a particular user. So the new NewsGator Social Sites 3.0 allows to flexibly customize the updates stream: which messages should get to it and which not, when to send notification and when not. In addition, user can create several tiles with the streams he needs - for example, messages on a specific topic or from the specific group of co-workers.